Why Is It Such A Crime To Like Make Up?

* I’ve had this post sitting in my blog drafts for a couple of weeks. But after reading a certain article this week about beauty vloggers and how they aren’t a good role model for young girls because of their beauty videos, I felt this was a good time to put out this post. I know I don’t usually post these kind of things but it’s something that has been bugging me for a long time, and is a topic that is quite relevant right now! Also someone commented on my blog the other day, saying I was an ‘insightful young woman’ and now I blatantly think I am the next Dali Lama. I’ll get back to my beauty posts soon!

I’ve been reading Sali Hughes’s book Pretty Honest lately, and the first few lines captured my attention instantly. In fact so much I have decided to sit down at my laptop to write a blog post and have a bit of a word vomit. She talks about in her opening chapter about how women who have a keen interest in beauty and appearance are sometimes labelled shallow, stupid or even called traitors to feminism. The words stuck with me, and resounded feelings that I have felt many times before. Being a beauty blogger, there’s obviously no surprise that I love make up and I’m sure that you, reading this blog must also have a keen interest in beauty or you wouldn’t be here. Or maybe you’re lost. If so hiya, hope you come back soon!

I have always loved make up, ever since I was a little girl. Sitting at my Mum’s dressing table with all her products laid out was so interesting, and when I was given play make up to play with when I was little, there was nothing more I loved than slapping it on my rather freaky large doll head or making my friends sit down and I’d forcefully apply blue eyeshadow on their eyes. It’s a miracle they still have eyeballs, I tell ya. Make up always intrigued me and it was just something fun to play with. Who else remembers the magazine Sabrina Secrets? I think most girls growing up in the 90’s had those purple glittery boxes with the awful nail art pens and body glitter! Every Tuesday (or was it Thursday?) that the magazine came into the newsagents was easily the best day of the week. Anyway, I soon grew up and out went Sabrina, and magazines such as Bliss and Sugar were my bible and make up was something that I really wanted to get into. I think I was 13 when my Mum took me to Boots and said I could have £20 to spend on a starter kit, I think I bought a Rimmel Foundation, Maybelline mascara, Natural Collection concealer and eyeshadow and a Miss Sporty lipstick. I went away very happy. ( See I love make up that much that I still remember everything I first bought!)

I never wore a lot of make up to school but I would sneakily use my mum’s eyeliner and line my waterline, because I was so sassy and couldn’t be tamed. But I was sent to the girls bathroom every day to wipe it off. As the years have gone on, I still get excited by make up and I can’t even really tell you why. It just interests me. I still get excited about new releases and a glitter neutral eyeshadow palette gets my heart in a flutter. But I’ll tell you what, liking make up or wearing make up doesn’t make you shallow. Or Fake. Or Dumb. Or Vain.

People assume that because you have this interest in beauty you don’t like anything else or can’t open your mind to anything else which just isn’t true. As Sali mentions in her book ” I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature.” There’s no rules on how many things you can like, and what goes together and what doesn’t. I like to wear make up and yes I wear a lot of make up and it’s just something I do. I wear it for me, because it makes me feel better, is it a sin that I feel like rubbish without make up? Is it wrong that I enjoy applying make up and trying different things. Make up can make you feel different, if I’m feeling shitty, I can apply a smokey eye and pretend I’m confident Caroline. Or I can apply a bright lip and then walk out the door almost doing a kung fu kick to the world.

Watching beauty videos on YouTube is one of my favourite things do, and so what?

Wanting to feel your best and applying make up doesn’t make you a bad person. Or a shallow person. Is it really wrong to want to feel your best? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, I do it for me. No one else. In fact I couldn’t care less if people thought I wore a too glittery eyeshadow for the daytime, I do it for me. But if you’re okay with not wearing make up or not being interested that’s totally cool too! What I’m trying to say is, it’s okay to love make up. It’s okay to love wearing it. Make up doesn’t change you as a person.

People have said to me in the past, even family members that they wish I wore less make up and was more natural. I never understood why they say this, as my make up and fake tan doesn’t affect my personality. I’m the still the same goofball who is too nice for their own good, who laughs at stupid things and worries about every little thing with or without the slap. It doesn’t affect me as a person, it’s just part of the package. I’m fed up with people saying you’re fake with make up on and fake tan. It’s such a old out of date attitude to have. At the end of the day, we’re all different. If we were all the same it’d be bloody boring. If someone wants to have loads of tattoos then that’s cool, if someone doesn’t want to wear make up that’s cool too. I’m just fed up of people focusing on stuff that doesn’t matter and not looking further into the stuff that does matter such as personality.

People may say ‘why can’t you go out the door without make up? That’s so vain.’ Well this is obviously someone who has never experienced bad skin and crippling self confidence. So maybe that is vanity wanting a layer of concealer to cover the bad bits, or maybe it’s just me wanting to feel a little better inside because I’m 23 and my skin is still behaving like it’s 13.  Can it be described as vanity when I don’t care what people think? It’s purely for me. Hey I think I could have perfect skin and I’d still apply mascara. Make up is a part of me, and without it, I don’t really feel like me.

I guess I’m waffling on now, but what I’m trying to say is, that no one should ever make you feel bad for liking or wearing make up. Or for having an interest in anything you like. Just because I write a beauty blog doesn’t mean, I’m stupid and have no other interests. Just because I make and enjoy watching beauty videos, doesn’t mean that I’m not partial to sitting and watching a documentary. Life is pretty damn serious and sometimes it’s nice to switch off and not worry about the shit that’s going on and kick back with a beauty video or blog. Saying that beauty vloggers are bad role models is a stupid attitude to have too. No one is saying you have to look this way or follow the look, it’s just content, do we all copy everything we see on the tv? Err hell no. You don’t see me watching TOWIE whilst applying a vajazzle, or me watching Top Gear to then go copy driving around the city like Lewis Hamilton. I really feel that beauty bloggers and vloggers get a bad rep sometimes for no reason. It may seem like a flippant hobby to some, but it’s bloody hard work, and yes we may write and love lipstick but that doesn’t mean we’re stupid or bad role models. Honestly if I had kids and they watched Youtubers, I’d be much happier them idolising them than the likes of Rihanna or Kim Kardashian. At the end of the day, we should all be allowed to like and idolise whoever the hell we like. It doesn’t matter who and what they are, it doesn’t matter, I think people sometimes forget that everyone is different and that’s okay.

Of course everyone has different interests and opinions, and some people may not like beauty videos/blogs or make up, and that’s cool. I’m probably not into what you are, but don’t go around saying that we’re stupid or vain, or fake. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for someone else to like it.

As Sali puts perfectly in her book; “Anyone who dismisses beauty and make up as mere frippery, an irrelevance pursued by the vain, frankly knows nothing about women.”


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