Barry M’s Charity Lipgloss

Sometimes you hear about a beauty brand being more than just beauty and actually show that they have a personality and heart behind the products. Barry M have showed us this recently with a new charity lip gloss being released in collaboration with a inspirational young lady called Holly Addison. Unveiled on ITV show Surprise Surprise,  I saw tweets about the charity lipgloss that Barry M had created with Holly with 70% of the proceeds going to the Katherine House hospice where Holly’s late Dad stayed whilst being treated for aggressive brain cancer. Holly has raised over £7000 in the past 18 months for different charities, and was surprised on Surprise Surprise for her amazing work.

The Barry M lip gloss is called Holly A’s Surprise Surprise Lip gloss and also under the code of LGWHA-STL. It’s a milky pale pink colour, with the usual smell and consistency of the Barry M lip glosses. I love the Barry M glosses as they smell amazing and last quite a long time on the lips. The shade is perfect for putting over the top of nude lipsticks or could be used alone on the lips for a pink sheeny look. The lip gloss will be available for 6 months and costs £4.49. I’m also pretty sure it’s only available online, but definitely worth a look as you can buy lip gloss and support a great cause. What’s not to like? 🙂