Favourite Bloggers & Vloggers

I haven’t done a share the love post in a while, and seeing as I no longer have my ‘Bedtime Reading’ tab on my blog, I thought this may prompt me to share some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers with you more often. I always love discovering new people to read and watch, and I don’t know why some people are almost scared to talk about who they love as I think the blogging community needs to be supportive and just because we’re suggesting someone else to watch doesn’t mean you’ll stop watching our videos. Well I hope not anyways!

I thought I’d do a list of everyone who I love watching/reading right now and hopefully you’ll find some new blog/vlogs to watch! I’ve also included a list of like more well known people as well as newer vlogs/blogs, I’ve literally just gone through my subscriptions and reading lists to throw in some of my favourites from the past month or so, and I’m going to try do a post like this every month, as I blooming love watching videos and reading blogs 🙂 Of course though, is there anyone I’m missing and should be watching? Let me know 🙂


Sarah, Jenny, Ameila, Holly , Sophie, 


Hannah, SacconeJolys, Laura, Gabby, 

Beauty Videos:

Carly, Amy, Lucy & Lydia, Natalie, Kaushal, Alex, Sam, Lucy

LOL Videos: 

Caspar, Joe, Jim, Lauren Elizabeth


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