How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep doesn’t always come easy to me. Whilst I could probably lay in till 3pm, sometimes drifting off takes me a little while. I’m also one of those people who will lie awake and think about every little thing or be convinced that every little noise is an axe murderer. Oh the joys of an overactive imagination. However recently I have been trying to find ways to get to sleep easier, and so far so good. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier meaning that I’ll wake up earlier in the morning. The thing is as nice as lie ins are you do waste the day a bit, so I tend to reserve them for Sunday’s when I don’t have any tasks to do.

Switching Off:

I try to shut down the laptop after a certain time, now that I work from home, it can be quite difficult to power down as you have a completely different routine, but I try to stick to the 6/7pm rule or when I’ve got my day’s to do list done. I’ll then shut it down for the evening and only go back on if it’s an emergency! I find that switching off from work for a couple of hours before bed helps you clear your mind.

Make a To Do List:
I then make a to do list for the next day, this just gets everything off racing round in my mind making me feel more chilled. If I have a plan, I can relax for the evening and be ready for a busy day the next day. I also get everything prepared so say if I’m going to London the next day, I’ll make sure that my train tickets and routes are all sorted so that I’m not stressing about anything.

Having a Bath:

Having a bath is always great for chilling out in the evenings. I’ll run one and sit back in the dark and relax. Sometimes I’ll catch up on YouTube videos and just chill out and relax. You feel much more stress free and chilled once you’re out of the bath.

This Works Stress Less Oil*:

I’ve had this oil for a little while now and wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. I didn’t think that it would provide me with a good nights sleep but it actually does. I tend to roll the roller ball on my wrists and then inhale, the scent of lavender and eucalyptus instantly makes you feel more chilled and every time I use this, I have a deep, restful sleep! Even if I’m nervous/edgy it really helps. My Mum even tested it out and even she agreed it helped her to sleep!

Read a book, not Twitter:

Something I can be guilty off is sitting on my phone in bed, however if I really need to chill out, I will read a book as I feel it helps me switch off and takes my mind of stressful things. However I do have the cheeky twitter scroll, but if I need a really good nights sleep, I’ll log off and pick up a book!!

So there is some things I have been doing to help myself sleep! I’ve also used apps in the past which use white noise such as raindrops when I’ve been particularly edgy, but these things above have been really helping recently and the This Works, Stress Less Oil has been a life saver or should I say bad night sleep saver recently!! What’s your tips for a great nights sleep?