Make Up Revolution The One Blush Sticks

 Shimmer Swatches: Rush, Malibu, Pink and Dream 

Matte Swatches: Rush, Malibu, Pink and Dream,

You guys know me, I love a good bargain and I also love a good dupe of a high end product. Make Up Revolution are pretty hot on their dupes and their latest releases are going to to get the blush enthusiasts among you, pretty darn excited. The One Blush Sticks* are very similar to the Nars Multiples. Packaging, size, and even some of the product colours will have you doing a double take. For just £5 per blush stick and coming in a range of matte and shimmer colours, they are a fraction of the price of the Nars offerings. With just 8 shades for the time being, well four really as the blush sticks come in a choice of matte or shimmer, they are highly pigmented and very creamy. I’ve been using these with a stippling brush to blend them in seamlessly with the rest of my make up. 

The four shades consist of Malibu; a warm toned terracotta brown, Pink; a cool toned barbie pink, Rush: a coral/peach shade and Dream: a pale pearl pink. Then take these and add some shimmer, and Dream becomes a pearly highlighter, and Rush becomes practically the double of Nars’s most famous shade Orgasm. Rush is my favourite from the collection as it’s the most wearable out the shades for me. I find Pink a bit too cool toned for my skin, it’s very similar to the Illamasqua cream blusher shade Sob and on the lips it reminds me of MAC’s Snob. Pearl can be used a highlighter which is quite pretty, I’d say this would be a nice highlight/blush for pale skin tones as it would look really pretty on fairer skin tones. Malibu is strictly for medium/tanned skin tones only as this would make you look way too orange if you had pale skin. This is quite good for warming up the skin, I did try to contour with it but found it a bit too warm. If Make Up Revolution brought out a cool ashy shade of brown, they’d be laughing as these would be amazing for contouring! 

However for £5 a pop you can’t go too wrong, if you’ve been wondering about Orgasm/Superorgasm from the Nars multiple range, I’d maybe try Rush instead. It’s cheaper and practically the same shade/consistency! I hope that in months to come that more shades are added to the collection, but I do like these and I haven’t seen very many of blush sticks on the high street so definitely worth a swatch next time you’re in town!