Making Long Hair Easy

People often seem to think that having long hair is a hard task. Having long hair pretty much for all my life, I was even born with hair. I have mastered a few ways on how to keep having long hair well conditioned, and easy to look after.

Getting a good brush:

Investing in a good brush seriously helps when it comes to detangling hair. I may have a bit of a fear of hair brushes, who else remembers being little and having your hair brushed by your Mum, and it was always full of knots and it was always the most painful thing ever? Yep I do. They were never gentle either were they? Well with that imprinted in my mind, I’ve always tried to find hair friendly hair brushes. My favourite long hair brushes are the Tangle Teezer (though this can come flying out of your hand when you come across a particularly stubborn knot) The Wet Brush: due to it’s flexible brushes, it helps to glide through the hair without pulling on knots and yanking at your hair. Finally the Mason and Pearson brush is is my favourite, a pretty expensive brush but it just always glides through my hair getting rid of knots at ease.

Detangling Spray:

Investing in a good detangling spray always helps when it comes to brushing and knots! Especially in the winter when the old scarf hair comes into play and we end up with huge knots at the backs of our head. Some sprays of detangling spray when wet helps to keep everything a little easier to control.

Condition, Condition, Condition:

I do go through conditioner like no ones business but it’s something I say is essential when having long hair. Applying a generous amount to the ends helps to keep split ends at bay and seals in moisture helping you to avoid dry and frizzy locks.

Hair Oil:

Like conditioning, investing in a good oil/serum will seriously help with the condition of your hair. I have currently been using the Keratease Elixir Ultime lately and it’s amazing! It makes your hair super shiny and soft. So soft in fact you could sit and stroke your hair all day long.

Invest in non fuss hair tools:

Styling your hair needn’t be a chore when you invest in non fuss hair tools, stuff such as waving irons or curling tongs are perfect for creating waves quickly and effectively, or invest in some rollers like I have to have bouncy hair within a few minutes.

Dry Shampoo:

Of course washing and drying your hair can be a bit of a chore so dry shampoo will be your best friend when you have long hair to prolong hair wash days! I always tend to wash my hair in the evenings so I don’t have to get up any earlier than I need to!

So there are my tips for long hair easy maintenance! Of course regular trims at the hairdressers help too 🙂