Stationary Crush: Chroma Stationary

 Okay so I think I’ve been spending too much time with Sarah, otherwise known as The Stationary Queen. As her love of stationary has definitely rubbed off on me. For a while now, I have been looking for a cute notebook. Now that I am self employed, I constantly have a notepad at the side of me where I jot down endless ‘To Do’ lists, blog post ideas, and boring stuff such as budgets and finances. I’ve been looking for a notebook that I keep everything in and can carry around with me. I’ve gotten quite fussy with my stationary though, and no matter where I have looked, no where has provided what I was looking for. Well until now.

Chroma Stationary, is an online shop where owner Gabi sells cute personalised notebooks. You can choose from an array of colours, which are all named after people she knows such as family members and neighbours.  Chroma Stationary is an unique online shop where you can choose to have whatever you like embossed on your notepad for just £7.50. Choosing from lined or blank pages, to gold or silver embossed letters. You can really personalise your notebook for the fraction of the price of high street retailers. For my notebook I chose the colour Elizabeth, a girly pink and had the phrase ‘What Would Blair Waldorf Do?’ on the front. I love Blair and as sad as this may sound, it’s something I say to myself most days. So to have a notebook to remind me, I thought was really lovely and something I’d never seen before! I’m tempted to order another one with the quote ‘ You Go Glen Coco!’

With Christmas coming up (yes now Halloween is over we are discussing the C word) they would make perfect presents for loved ones. So if you’re ever looking for a notebook with a personalised twist, I would totally recommend Chroma, it’s always nice to support independent business sellers too 🙂 so what would you have on your notebook?


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