Style: Skort & Stripes

Top: Urban Outfitters

Skort: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Zara

Watch: Michael Kors 

I feel like I should be off to play netball in this outfit. Who else misses the good old netball days in PE? I do. What was your chosen position? I always liked being either GS ( cause my best friend was really tall so she’d be GK for the other team and then we’d just chat for the whole game) or GA (if my mate wasn’t the goal keeper.) Yep surprisingly I was quite nifty when it came to scoring goals, I used to do that whole thing of putting my opposite arm in front of me to look professional and like I was aiming the ball, really it was just for show. Oh I do miss a good pivot. Anyways, netball reminiscing aside, this outfit is all from Urban Outfitters. I know right, since when did I get cool enough to shop in there?

Though I am still a bit unsure of skorts, they are pretty practical, especially for someone who is always super paranoid about flashing when wearing skirts. #bigpants4lyf I also fell in love with this stripy jumper, a high neck and black and white, what’s not to like? Of course I do feel a bit like Beetlejuice in it, (anyone else used to love that film? I loved it as a child * I really have always been weird*) and be careful if you’re busty as this jumper does make you look a bit like Jordan. You have been warned. Paired with some tights and boots, I quite like this girly outfit and makes a change from my usual uniform of ripped black jeans! In fact Urban Outfitters have quite a lot of nice things at the moment, either I’ve got cooler or they’ve got uncooler, but I no longer feel like a granny when I go in there. Woo go team.

Big thank you to Lindsay for taking these photos for me 🙂