Sunday Schmooze #2

The last time I sat down to write a catch up post, it actually got a lot of likes so with today being the last day of November, let’s sit down again for a ramble. Hoorah. So it’s almost December, how crazy is that? Okay without sounding too much like one of those basic girl twitter accounts, I literally cannot believe that December is here and that 2014 is almost over! The second half of the year has just whizzed by, and well it’s almost CHRISTMAS. Oh my days.

Let’s start with Christmas,  this year I am hoping to make my blog and video content all festive, so I have an array of Christmas themed blog posts and videos which I hope you’ll like! I am also going to be taking part in Vlogmas this year too, I have always loved watching Vlogmas, and I decided last year, I was going to attempt to do it myself! However, I am now worried it’s going to be sooo boring hahaha, I’m going to have to think of plans to do or you may just see me walking Frankie and popping to the shops aha. But if you like the sound of that, you’ll find all my Vlogmas videos on my YouTube channel.

November has been a pretty busy month, it was also the month that I met Kim Kardashian.. I know what the actual.. but yes and I may of also met Radio 1 djs Nick Grimshaw and Fearne Cotton which is super cool, although I may of slightly embarrassed myself by telling Grimmy, to pass on the message to Harry Styles, that I loved him. Oh dear.

It’s also two months since I started self employment which is a little mental and crazy how time flies! But I’m excited for more self employment and what December and 2015 will bring! So that’s November really, but December should be an exciting month, I’m excited to get the house decorated and get all in the festive mood! So I hope you all had a great November, and that December will be exciting for you too 🙂