Tips For Bloggers

I often get asked to write a blogger tips post or I’m emailed for advice. I thought that I’d sit down and talk about some tips I’ve learnt along my four years of blogging. I hope you find it useful 🙂

  • The first rule is… There are no rules when it comes to blogging. It’s your blog so you do and write about whatever you like. 
  • I Write For Me: I’ve always said that I write my blog for me, and write about things that I would want to read about. You want to be proud of your blog, and if you’re proud and passionate about your blog it will show through within your content. 
  • Try To Not Compare Yourself: Try to not look at other blogs and think ‘why aren’t my photos as good’ ‘why don’t I have as many followers?’ It’s unhealthy and even though I can be guilty of it from time to time, focus on you and your own blog. 
  • Where To Start: starting a blog can be very daunting, my advice would be to go for a platform like Blogger or WordPress as they’re super easy to use, then just write lots of posts. Fill your blog with lots of content and just keep going. If you’re blogging to get freebies/invites to launches/ or want loads of followers you’re not blogging for the right reasons. 
  • How To Get Readers: Of course like I said above, I’m sure not many are blogging just to get readers/followers, but it is nice to see that it’s not just you and your Mum reading your blog. I found that just writing lots of content and getting out on social media works wonders for your blog. Register your blog on Bloglovin, be active on social media and comment on other blogs. 
  • Getting a Fancy Design: You don’t need a real fancy design, personally I like quite simple clean blogs. But it’s your blog, if you want unicorns vomiting rainbows as your background, you go for it. I like Pipdig and ThemesLTD for backgrounds and design 🙂 
  • Getting Your Blog Seen: Of course this kind of relates to the whole getting readers thing, but some good things to do if you want people to read your posts is blogging about current things. For example what products are popular right now, what is popular on the TV/celebrity wise. Seasonal posts etc… These all help with getting people to click on your blog.  
  • You Don’t Need A Fancy Camera: Seriously you could take photos with your phone and no one would ever know! I like editing apps afterwards which make phone photos look even more professional such as VSCO Cam and Afterlight. 
  • Find Your Niche: Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. I thought a little while ago that people would only want to read professional magazine style type blogs, and well that’s just not me. I like to write to fit my personality however silly and daft it may be at times, and you should too! Write in your personality and don’t try to change it 🙂 
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself: Most people blog as a hobby, so try to not worry too much if you’re not posting as regularly as other people may be. Taking breaks away from blogging always helps me, and don’t force yourself to think of content. Sometimes things come easier when you’re away from your computer, I’ve had blog ideas in the middle of the night before! 
  • Being Organised: Back in the day, I’d write a blog post and set it live there and then. These days it’s a different story, I tend to write in bulk and even now have a calendar where I plan posts so I know what needs writing up and when it’s going live. Being organised makes me feel a lot better about my blog and helps when you haven’t got a lot of time to blog. 
  • Don’t Feel You Have To Blog About The Same Things: don’t feel you have to rush out and buy everything that everyone else blogs about. Blog about the stuff you’d like to see and not everyone likes seeing the same thing on blogs anyways. 
  • Don’t Compare Your Behind The Scenes With Someone Else’s Highlight Reel: let’s be honest, we only really show the good bits of our lives on our blogs. We don’t show the days where we feel like rubbish, and are sat on the sofa with greasy hair and a tub of Nutella and a spoon. We don’t talk about the arguments we have with our partners or our friends, or how we’ve just demolished a Big Mac and 6 Chicken Nuggets. Don’t look at other people’s instagram/blog and think their life is rosy or that they look perfect all the time. I promise you they don’t. Don’t feel down trodden about your blog, or if you’re looking back at pictures and you realise your eyebrows need threading. Everyone has these days, no one is the perfect blogger trust me. 
  • Have fun! The most important thing is to enjoy blogging. It’s bloody hard work and takes a lot of time and effort and if you don’t enjoy it there’s no point doing it. Always have fun, speak to new different people and take pride in your blog. It’s your baby and masterpiece and you should be incredibly proud of it. 

It’s mental to think that four years ago I set up this blog as a way to pass the time when I was at uni, and here I am and this is now my job. In fact it’s really mental. I’m incredibly lucky that I now have this option, and honestly I don’t see my blog as amazing or big or anything like that at all. I still don’t think anyone reads it, and I still just like to waffle on about stuff that I like. Blogging is incredibly fun yet hard, and if you’re starting out then keep with it! The world of blogging may seem a scary one, but trust me when I say it’s also such a lovely, rewarding one. 


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