Zoeva Brushes

Zoeva brushes just came out of nowhere really didn’t they? Everyone has been talking about how good they are and I was in the line for some new brushes, and with their affordable prices, Zoeva seemed the perfect brand to try for my next collection. I was very lucky to be surprised with a full set from Henry, after weeks of me saying I was going to buy new brushes, oh he’s a gem isn’t he. I have to say that every single brush is amazing. The bristles are so soft, and don’t shed at all. Because trust me the last thing you want is a brush that sheds hair, cause you know a hairy face isn’t that cool.

I literally love all the brushes, from the 105 to the 110 for contouring, the 127 is the perfect blush brush and the 227 is perfect for blending eyeshadow. And I swear it’s a dupe for the 217 from MAC. With all the brushes being amazing quality and so valuable as well, I literally can’t recommend these enough. Pop some on your Christmas list, or be a doll and buy some for your sister/friend, they’ll love them! Also let’s just swoon at the Rose Gold set (inserts heart eye emoji)