Beauty Hacks #1

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty. But sometimes I can find myself in a beauty emergency. From orange hands to awful breakouts, we’ve all been in the position of ‘ah crap how am I going to sort this out?’ I thought it might be fun to write down some hacks I’ve been doing since I was knee high to a grasshopper (ha I’ve not said that phrase in a very long time, let’s bring it back) and well I’m sure I have many more to reveal, so I’m sure there will be another one of these posts to follow 🙂 

  • Use a cold flannel on tired eyes in the morning
  • Use an exfoliator on ingrown hairs (works a treat on bikini line, tmi I know)
  • Leave some of your face mask especially if clay as an overnight spot treatment
  • Spray hairspray on your hair before you style it
  • Use dry shampoo for extra volume
  • Use concealer to conceal stray eyebrow hairs
  • When contouring your nose never let the bronzer blend down the side of your nose as this makes it look wider.
  • For under the skin spots/cysts press a hot flannel on it and then a cold flannel to reduce size
  • Moisturise twice a day to keep a tan and use an oil free moisturiser to keep it lasting longer
  • If you want your fake tan to last, avoid baths and choose showers instead 
  • Woken up with orange hands? Wash your hands with toothpaste to help fade them 
  • Using a primer will help your make up to last longer, my favourite is The Body Shop Tea Tree primer. 
  • Use a nude eyeliner inside the waterline to make your eyes more awake (Rimmel do a great one) 
  • Use a piece of paper to perfect winged eyeliner. Hold a straight edge where you want your flick to be and draw along the straight line, then go back on the line and back to the lash line in an almost triangle shape and voila perfect winged liner! 
  • Always use a topcoat for nail polish as well as a speed dry nail polish, (my current faves are Sally Hensen and Bourjois for top coats) 
  • Use the jagged side of a kirby grip face down in your hair, as it secures the hair tighter
  • Apply more top coat to the top of your nails as this is where the most chips will happen
  • If you’ve dyed your hair and it’s too dark, use head and shoulders on it to lighten it up

Let me know if you have any beauty hacks that I need to add to my list.. 🙂