Blogging On A Budget

Today is the 2nd of December. Which means if you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, then it’s probably time to start thinking about it. With 23 days to the big day, December (and well January) are always pretty tight months for me when it comes to money. Any money I do have goes on presents or food, and then after Christmas you’re trying to save your money back up or you’re spending it in the sales. Blogging when you’re on a budget can be something that’s quite hard, I’ll sometimes say to Henry ‘I have to shop so I have something to blog about!’ But when the purse strings are a bit tighter, there’s no reasoning why your blog can’t still function on a budget…

Shop Your Stash: That old beauty blogger saying. Us beauty bloggers have more make up than what we realise, and sometimes I’ll go through my things and be like ‘I totally forgot about this palette.’ Pick up something old and give it a go, or try different things with your existing products. This will give you something new to blog about or a twist on an old post. 

Create Wishlists: Instead of featuring hauls or outfit pictures, maybe feature wish lists of what you’d like to buy or would like. Sites such as Polyvore and StyleSets are great for creating wish lists. Use polyvore for outfit inspiration, so maybe you want that dress from Topshop, but your bank card is saying no.. maybe do a collage about how you’d style it. 

Blog About Anything: Sometimes I forgot that you can literally blog about anything, maybe sit down and talk about your favourite TV shows right now, the items you use everyday, even your daily routine. You don’t always have to blog about new things, even day to day posts such as visiting the park, or hanging out with your friends can be made into blog posts. 

Look Back At Old Posts: Just because you’ve blogged about something once doesn’t mean you can’t blog about it again, talk about why you still love that foundation, or maybe why you don’t use it anymore. If you’re more of a fashion blogger, style a previous outfit in a different way, there are no rules to blogging remember and you can put what you want on your blog. 

There are just a few tips on how to save £’s when blogging, having your own blog doesn’t need to be expensive, get creative and remember you can blog about whatever you like 🙂 I hope this has helped in some way and let me know your money saving tips when it comes to blogging as I’d love to know 🙂