Christmas Shopping In Salisbury


The other week, we popped down the road to local city Sailsbury. Not to be confused with Sainsburys aka my second home, but this pretty quaint city is home to some cute shops and I thought it was the perfect place to start my Christmas shopping. Yes I have been a bit late to the whole Christmas shopping party scene this year, I must say.

I enjoyed walking round looking at the christmas decorations, and they seemed to be adding more to the collection which I am sure are now in full swing. Armed with a  Christmas Costa, and getting slightly damp with the mist of rain that was falling, I definitely managed to get into the swing of things and got a good start with my Crimbo shopping. Hoorah.

I’m looking forward to visiting more cities over the Christmas period, so far on my list is London, Chichester and Winchester, in fact even old Southampton looks alright with the German Market in town, where’s your favourite place to shop and feel all Festive?