Favourite Apps To Procrastinate

First things first, Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely day, and have been enjoying what I hope a break over the past few days! If you’ve been working in retail, then I salute you, that was me last year and I’m pretty sure I cried on my first day back after Christmas, ha ha. Such a lemon. Anyway, this is the weird Christmas limbo bit where you don’t really know what day it is, or what exactly is going on cause you’re still in a food coma. If i was back home, I’d be visiting family, but this time of year is also prefect for taking a well earned rest and it’s the one time of the year where everyone takes things slow and well no one says anything. Though I am self employed, I have decided to take a few days off to relax and re charge the batteries. Though when your job is on the internet, it can be quite hard to completely switch off, so I thought it might be useful to show you exactly what apps I use to chill out and well procrastinate with when I just want a break from work and reality.

I’ve been loving my new tablet from Acer, this Christmas break, it’s the Acer Iconia Tab 8,* and it’s smaller and lighter than most tablets with great screen quality, it’s been practically glued to my side over Christmas. One of the first things, I’ve been doing is catching up with blog posts that I may have missed over December. December was a pretty busy month with Christmas prep and Vlogmas. My favourite way to read blogs is on Bloglovin, and I just work my way through my unread posts. You can also follow my blog on there too if you like 🙂 My current favourite reads are; Sophie, Carrie & April.

Next I catch up on YouTube, I hadn’t realised that doing Vlogmas would mean I wouldn’t really have time for anyone else’s! Haha, so now I am catching up on everyone’s videos. My current favourite people to watch are; Claudia, Lauren, Leanne & Suzie.

I also could spend hours on Instagram, where I spend a lot of time editing photos before putting them online. My favourite app to edit photos for Instagram is VSCO cam where you can apply different filters and edit photos to make them look brighter and clearer. A serious fave of mine which I could spend hours on.

Recently I’ve been spending hours on Tumblr & Pinterest. Pinning inspirational pictures such as dream future hair colours *could 2015 see me finally go to the lighter side?* and tumblr is full of basically people wearing all black outfits. Standard. But I get so much inspiration from these sites. I also like We Heart It, which is great for finding inspirational pictures for wall papers, or to inspire blog posts.

These are my favourite apps to chill out and spend time on when I want to spend time online not working. I could quite happily spend all day on these haha, whats your favourite apps to use when you want to chill out and spend time on? I’m going to get back to relaxing now, so I will see you very soon and hope you are all lazing about too!