Festive Home Decorations.

Hold the actual phone. It’s CHRISTMAS EVE! I can’t quite believe it. Can you? Also can I have a round of applause for actually completing vlogmas? Can I have a hell yeah. Hell yeah. With it being Christmas day tomorrow, we are currently chilling and settling down in front of some Christmas films in prep for the big day tomorrow. We’re cooking the dinner as Mum is coming to stay with us, and I am stressing out a little bit right now at the thought of how we’re going to cook everything. I am not doing this next year. You hear me? 

Anyways, before I stress myself out about the thought of how many roast potatoes we need to cook, I thought I might show you some festive decorations from around our house. I probably should of put this up a little earlier, but hey ho. Better the day before Christmas than never? Right? Right.

Most of the things we have are from budget places, because you know, I have a dog to feed. The Range, Ikea, Debenhams & Primark are where everything is from. I love the fairy lights and abundance of candles that we have, and I may start a petition to have these round the house all year round.

Next year I hope we are in a slightly bigger house that maybe will have enough room for a real Christmas tree, oh that is the dream! I am going to go now to carry on watching Christmas films, Elf is on my agenda for today for sure! I will be popping up a little post tomorrow but have a lovely Christmas Eve and I hope you aren’t too excited that you can’t sleep!