How To Get Victoria’s Secret Angel Hair: ghd curve review

ghd Curve: Classic Curl Tong* 

When I watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week, though I was sighing at how perfect the Angels bodies were, I was mostly lusting over their hair. The angel hair is something that most of us would love to achieve, effortless waves and curls which gives the impression of ‘I woke up like dis.’ However achieving this look is easier said than done. However I have a new hair tool that I think will help you achieve those waves and its one that I have fallen head (or should I say hair har har) over heels with.

ghd have recently released a new collection, entitled the Curve collection, it’s the brands first leap into the curling iron market. I was so excited to try these, as I’ve been a fan of ghd straighteners since I was about 14. I remember I spent my birthday money on some and traded in an old set of crimpers to get an extra £20 off. The first day I straightened my hair with them, my friend at school said to me, ‘ I thought your hair was still wet it was so straight.’ I’m not sure if that’s the best compliment but we’ll roll with it. I was very lucky to be sent the Classic Curl tong from the collection, there’s four to choose from; the soft curl tong, classic wave wand and the creative curl wand. I personally love a tong, as it means you can do your hair with one hand, and then your phone can be in the other scrolling through Twitter (hey I have a lot of hair, I get bored.)

I have used the Classic Curl Tong every day since I received it, and honestly? My rollers have been shoved into a drawer. Yes I bet you never thought I’d say that did you? They heat up within a matter of seconds, meaning you don’t have to wait around. You use the tong just like you would with any other normal hair tong, I tend to leave each stand of hair for about 10-20 seconds depending on whether I want more of a wave or a curl. The tong has breakthrough technology meaning it has the perfect curling temperature of 185 degrees. If you’re also someone like me who always panics when they leave the house about whether they’ve turned off their hair tool, the ghd curve tools have an automatic sleep setting after 30 minutes.

To curl my hair it probably takes me about 15 minutes, I tend to section it and then curl individual pieces. However you needn’t have long hair to just use this tool, it’s also suitable for shorter styles too. I find that I am always left with soft curls and waves which I love, with a good spray of hair spray, I find them lasting the whole day and my hair is evening looking good to go the next morning which is something that is very rare. Even though I have been loving the Classic Curl Tong for a good few weeks, I was even more excited to find out that ghd were one of the sponsors for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year, meaning that the Classic Curl tong and Soft Curl tong were both used on the models hair to create those angelic waves. So now I am ecstatic that I own a hair tool used on the VS angels, and I guess this means I’m closer to being one? (kind of)

With it being a little late for Christmas shopping, or if you still have time, one of these would be the perfect present if you are feeling generous or if you receive some vouchers/money for Christmas and are in the looking for a new hair tool, then I would whole heartedly recommend the ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong. I mean lets be honest, who doesn’t want hair like a VS angel?