Short Girl Problems

I am 5ft2 which is definitely classed as petite. I haven’t grown since I was 12, and well it’s something I’ve come to terms with. Although being short can have it’s advantages, *hello child bus fare and being able to work your way through crowds like a ninja * there are the problems too. Hope you enjoy this post if you’re a fellow shortie 🙂

You can’t reach stuff in the supermarket. Do you ask for help or do you try and jump your way and hope that the cereal lands in your arms? Or do you climb the shelves like spider man? This is why I order my food shop online haha.

You can’t reach your own fridge. Cooking in your kitchen, is a workout in itself. 

People mistaking you for a 12 year old. 

Being measured for roller coasters at theme parks. 

Being called cute.

Having to make your friends bend down when you take selfies. 

Jeans never fit. 

But you can still fit in kids clothes. Win. 

But then children are taller than you. 

Not being able to see at a concert, unless you’re at the front.

You often wonder what it would actually be like to be tall.

You struggle to reach the pedals in the car, even with the seat all the way forward. 

Being nipple height to most people. That makes getting the tube really fun!

Winter Coat Shopping.

Of course there are a million more short girl problems, maybe short girl problems 2 will be coming your way soon! Let me know in the comments your short girl problems aha 🙂