Style: Little Black Dress

Top: Missguided

Skirt: Missguided

Shoes: Primark 

Last weekend, I actually ventured out from the sofa and went to a party! It was my friend Grace’s engagement party which is going to be my version of a Christmas party, as considering that I now work for myself, my office Christmas party will be me, Frankie and a packet of Party Rings. Not exactly rock and roll. With an excuse to dress up, I decided to wear two new pieces that I have recently picked up from Missguided.

This halter neck crop top, I know you heard right, a crop top. and a lace edged skirt. The skirt is quite high waisted meaning  that thankfully not too much flesh is on show. A typical all black outfit though, but I did pair it with some berry coloured sandals from Primark that I got some time last year. These look so nice, but are a bugger to walk in which is a shame as they’re so pretty. 🙁 I also wore a berry lip to match, but I’ll be talking about my make up in another post!

So I think that may be me done for parties this year, well unless something turns up out of the blue soon, what are you wearing to your Xmas parties?