Style: Winter Walks

Coat: ASOS

Jumper: Brandy Melville

Jeans: Topshop

Necklaces: Astrid & Miyu*

Wellies: Hunter @ Shoetique*

One thing that didn’t really cross my mind too much when we got Frankie, was the fact that I would in fact have to walk him every single day. That means walking in rain and shine, snow or wind because well he’s basically the same size as me and that’s a lot of dog to be bounding round the house if he’s bored. Now that I’m self employed, I have taken over the role of dog walking. Sometimes I enjoy it (on a dry not too cold day) as it gets me out of the house and gives me time to think, though other days, I will literally be turning into an icicle, and embarrassingly picking up dog poo from a main road which Frankie loves to choose as a toilet destination.

Finding the right stuff to wear when walking is hard, I tend to obviously not dress up, and go for layers to keep warm. I usually walk in jeans, my Leigh jeans are super soft and stretchy meaning they are really comfortable, usually some sort of jumper, and then a big coat. Footwear can be a little more difficult, but I tend to go between some converse and these new Hunter ankle wellie boots that I have. Looking like a regular Chelsea boot, these Hunter wellies are perfect for throwing on with jeans. I can sometimes find normal wellies,  a bit heavy to walk in so these are perfect as they are lighter. You could also wear them with normal clothes on rainy days without them looking to out of place.

For extra cold days, I add a scarf and gloves, and I always wear thick socks with my Hunter wellies as the sides can be quite sharp on your old ankles. Et voila, my dog walking gear that hopefully isn’t too unfashionable but actually keeps me warm and dry! Hey maybe dog walking isn’t that bad after all…