The Best of Glitter Nails

 Barry M : Twilight*

Barry M : Starlight*

Barry M : Fashion Icon*

Essie: A Cut Above

Models Own: Pink Fizz

Ciate: Twinkle Toes

As soon as Christmas comes around, I dig out one thing. Is it the eggnog? Nope (and I’ve never even had eggnog so don’t even know why I said that) Is it my Christmas jumper? Well yes but still not the right answer. I tell you what, I’ll put you out of your misery and just tell you. It’s glitter nail polishes. Oh yes, Christmas is the one time where you can go all out with the glitter and no one can say anything. From glitter eyeliner, to even glitter hair spray, the world goes a little glitter mad in the name of Christmas. Why we love glitter at Christmas, I’m not too sure, but if you cant beat them, join them.

Glitter nails are something I always try to rock around Christmas. I am usually quite boring with my nail polish colours and lately I have been favouring dark colours such as black or purple so a touch of glitter just livens everything up. I have a collection of glitters that I always dig out, and the majority of them are quite cheap too which is good considering that I only use them for about four weeks of the year.

The pro’s of glitters are that they last a long time on your nails, they seem to be a super strength top coat, but the con is of course taking them off. You will literally sit for hours scrubbing with your nail polish remover, using tin foil wrapped around soaked cotton wool helps, or you could do what I sometimes very naughtily do, and peel them off. But don’t let anyone hear, I’ve told you that. I’ve been loving these new glitters from Barry M this year so far, they have chunky glitter particles for a 3D effect, I also love Essie’s A Cut Above, a girly chunky glitter, in fact their winter collection is five glitters, so check that out if you’re after a new glam Christmas glitter. An old favourite is Models Own Pink Fizz, something I have used for years, and is a typical thick pink glitter nail polish, think Barbie has vomited everywhere. I also have a Ciate glitter called Twinkle Toes which is a loose glitter (ooh scary) which you can add to your nails by pouring over a top coat. This is for the slightly more steady handed and you need to do it over some paper or things will get seriously glittery. I love the holographic effect of this glitter though, and it’s worth the patience.

These are what I’ll be wearing on my nails in the lead up to Christmas, yes a little tacky and a bugger to get off, but ever so pretty and lets be honest who doesn’t love being a disco ball at Christmas?