The Soap & Glory Gift You’ll Want Under Your Christmas Tree

Every year, I wait with baited breath to find out when the big Soap & Glory bundle is going on sale in Boots. Usually full of the best sellers, it’s usually something that I will go and buy three of, as most of the women in my family love S&G,  and also I do that thing of.. ‘ one for you, one for me.’ This year’s offering is called The Next Big Thing and comes in a limited edition box. It’s also full of a whopping ten products, worth a retail value of £76 but only costing a steal at £29.

With ten products including favourites such as The Righteous Butter, Orangeasm, Sugar Crush Scrub, and Whipped Clean, there isn’t a duff product amongst the lot. Even the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in a nice nude *dare I say it Kylie Jenner esq shade* that most people will love. The box is also super pretty and is designed by London Fashion Doodler Hattie Stewart. There are two box designs, one for in store and the other online, so pick your favourite and then either get your elbows or keyboard out! Both designs are very cute and will be handy for storing things afterwards 🙂

For under £30, I think this gift set is such a good buy, and I’m sure like many others, I will be at the doors of Boots to buy a couple more for gifts for Christmas. If you’re struggling for gift ideas then just pick up one of these and know you’ll be in the recipients good books for the next year.

The Next Big Thing By Hattie Stewart will be on sale in Boots instore and online on Friday 12th December,  but they’re only available whilst stocks last, be ready for 9 am tomorrow morning ladies!