Bargain Lashes.

Red Cherry Lashes: Ebay 

Lashes above are the style 523 

I do love a good false lash. But my gosh those weird spidery bits of hair can be pretty expensive. I have loved using pairs from Millie Mackintosh’s collection in the past but at £8.99 a pair, you can’t help but feel a bit diddled when you’ve come home drunk from a night out and discarded your lashes in a place where they can’t be found. I decided that when my lash collection was getting low to stock up, but find some budget alternative ones. Especially when the majority of time, I only use lashes for make up tutorials and nights out. I found a good seller on EBay who sold Red Cherry Lashes. These lashes aren’t that readily available in the UK but I’d heard a lot about them in the past and I thought that £8.85 for six pairs of lashes was a bit more economical!

I chose six different pairs based on what I’d seen on Google and YouTube. I chose some Demi Wispies dupes and some other fluttery lashes. Though they were from America, they arrived within a few days which I was super impressed with. The lashes have been great when I’ve used them, they are light and easy to apply, and you genuinely can’t feel them on your eyes. I hate heavy lashes, but these I could happily wear all day (and night) My favourite pair have been the style 523, a fluttery but wispy look which just compliment any eye look. I usually have a love/hate affair with lashes and sometimes think they can make me look like a drag queen. Ha no really. But these are my favourite lashes, I think I’ve EVER worn. I know high praise indeed. I will probably order another set soon but all just the 523 style. haha. I was really impressed with these lashes and think for just £8, that’s a real bargain. So if you’re a false lash lover, definitely check these out and your bank balance will thank you as well 🙂