Currently Listening To…

It’s a bit of a running joke with my friends about my music taste and the fact, that I have the same music taste as a 13 year old. But meh. I realised the other day that the majority of the time, I listen to boys. *helloooo boyband obsession* but recently, I’ve been listening to a lot more girls and well I’m feeling very girl power-y at the moment so I thought I’d share with you some of my current favourite female artists who I can’t get enough of.

Taylor Swift– Okay let’s get Taylor out of the way, as it’ll be no surprise that I can’t stop listening to her. 1989 is an album that I believe most people probably have by now and it really has something for everyone on there. I literally can’t get enough.
Favourite Tracks: Blank Space, Shake It Off & New Romantics 

Charli XCX– I started listening to Charli XCX back in the summer, when her song Boom Clap was literally played all the time. I found her on Spotify and am now eagerly awaiting her new album which is released very soon. She’s also really cool, and I follow her on Instagram and always think ‘gosh I wish I was that cool.’
Favourite Tracks : Break The Rules, Boom Clap, London Queen 

Halsey- I came across Halsey on Twitter, and fell in love with her coloured hair that she had at the time. I then went and found her on Spotify and thought her music was really cool. It’s alternative but really good. Although she hasn’t really released many songs in the UK yet, but you can listen on her YouTube channel to her other stuff. Some of it it’s quite haunting, it’s good and totally different tot anything else I listen to.
Favourite Tracks: HurricaneGhost, Is There Somewhere

Fifth Harmony- Going back to the other scale again now, but X Factor USA band Fifth Harmony, I have seen mentioned many times on Twitter but I’d never really listened to them before. However I was intrigued one day, and absolutely fell in love with their new song Sledgehammer. I then went and looked at their older stuff too, which is pure pop but good pop and I’m again waiting for their album which I am sure that I will love. I now also want to join too.
Favourite Tracks: Slegdehammer & Miss Movin On 

Haim- Finally we’ll end on a cool note. I’ve always liked Haim, but recently I’ve got back into them again. I had to stop listening to them as their songs were always played in the shop I used to work in and well if you work in retail, you’ll know that when you get home, you do not want to listen to songs from the shop playlist. However I don’t work there anymore, so I’m back to loving Haim. They are so so cool, and their songs make me feel summery. They have this LA vibe and well I always want to go to America when I hear them. They’ve recently done a track on the new Bastille VS album, which I know is back to boys, but its my favourite track on the album so I’m going to include that too.

Favourite Tracks: If I could Change Your Mind, Bite Down, Forever 

So there are my current playlist favourites, I tend to listen to most of my music on Spotify and make endless playlists. You can follow me if you like 🙂 my username is dizzybrunette3. What’s your favourite songs/artists right now?