Hair Tool Week #3 Babyliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves

                                            BaByliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves Wand*

Back in November, I attended a very exciting event. It was for Babyliss and the unveiling of their new ambassador; Fearne Cotton. It was a fab evening, Fearne was a proper babe and we also met hairdresser Paul Percival, one half of Percy & Reed and also Cheryl’s hairdresser on X Factor. OMG, I know right. We were told about the new boutique range, which is a set of hair tools which have the quality of salon hair products but at a price that everyone can afford.

After the event, I got to play with a couple of the hair tools, and I have been trying out the Salon Soft Waves Wand, and thought for day three of my hair tool week series, I’d talk about this new wand and how I’ve been using it as its different to anything else that I have used lately. First of all it has a huge barrel which means you don’t have to worry about tight curls when using this tool. The barrel has a ceramic coating meaning that the tool won’t catch on your hair and also leaves your curls kink free, leaving you with loose smooth waves.

There’s a variety of heat settings for this tool, I always knock it up to the hottest setting as I have quite thick and stubborn hair, so this means that I will get the result I want. But it’s good if you just want some texture and don’t want to use a really high heat on your hair. It heats up in just 30 seconds, and whilst I would recommend using the glove provided with it so you don’t burn your fingers, it does provide loose beachy waves.

I tend to take a inch section of each strand of hair and wrap it around the barrel. Like I mentioned above I use the hottest heat and then wrap round the hair and leave it for about twenty seconds. Then once I have curled all my hair, I wait till it’s fully cool before hair spraying to keep the waves in place. Waiting for the curls to cool will mean that the curls/waves will last longer as they have set properly.

This tool provides me with an effortless style, it looks very natural in my hair, and if you aren’t a fan of curls as such, I would recommend this tool. Also I have it on good authority that both Fearne Cheryl use this hair tool, and well they both have amazing hair, so if that isn’t a good enough reason to try it, I don’t know what is.