Hair Tool Week #4 Heated Rollers

My hair when I’ve used rollers. This is from using the Remington Silk Rollers. 

For the forth day of Hair Tool Week, we are discussing my most used hair tools. Heated rollers. You guys have heard me talk about rollers many a time, and today I am going to speak about three types that I have either used over the years or recently. Now the reason I like heated rollers, is that they create volume in my hair that other tools cannot. I find them so easy to use and within twenty minutes, my hair is big and bouncy in a way, I never thought I could achieve.

Beautysets - heated rollers

Remington Silk Rollers*
Toni and Guy Salon Professional Extreme Volume Rollers*

So let’s talk about my favourites. First of all we have a recommendation that I would say is better for shorter hair. That’s the Toni & Guy Salon Professional Extreme Volume Hair Roller Set, with fewer rollers than the others I’ve tried, there are additional packs you can buy if you need more btw. I think that these would work well on shorter finer hair, as the clips are quite slippy and I found that my hair was  a little too heavy for them. However if you have shorter hair and are looking for some rollers, and they’re quite budget friendly too. The rollers don’t get stuck in the hair and they also heat up really quickly. But unfortunately for my thick hair, they tended to not stay in the rollers which I found quite frustrating. However the rollers which did stay in, did create nice big waves but for ease, they weren’t my favourite.

Next we move onto two rollers which I have spoken about many a time and if you watch my YouTube videos, you will of already seen these in action. They are the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers and Remington’s Silk Rollers. Both are very similar, in packaging, to the rollers, to the effect they have on my hair. Both have smaller and larger rollers for either looser waves or tighter curls. I tend to use the bigger rollers on the top section for more volume and waves, then on the length of my hair, I use the smaller rollers for a tighter curl. I put these in and then apply my make up and take them out. If I’m going out or want my hair to last, I will leave these in for as long as possible. I do have days when the curls won’t last in my hair for some reason, but other days, they will last all day. I think my hair can be quite temperamental. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about some hair tips about how I try to make my hair last longer, so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

But yes, I love my heated rollers. In all honestly, they are my favourite hair tools as they create the exact look, I want without too much effort or taking too much time. I can always depend on them. Getting the rollers is a bit more tricky though, the Enrapture ones are very hard to get hold of, the Remington ones are available at places such as the Remington website. The Toni & Guy rollers can be found at Argos.

If you want to see how I use my heated rollers you can check out my videos on my YouTube channel, as I’m sure there’s like four of them! But this concludes my discussion on hair tools. Tomorrow we’re talking all things hair in general to round up the week 🙂