Interior: Desk Workspace

What is about a new year, and wanting to revamp all aspects of your life? I sat down in December and decided I wanted to change a few things up, from maybe experimenting with hair colours (we’ll leave that for the time being though) to a few home improvements. I wanted to focus on my blogging room, aka the box room in our house. I had let it get a bit cluttered over the past year, and I was finding myself sitting down on the sofa most days to blog and edit. I decided that this wasn’t the most productive way to work and it seemed silly when I had an actual room upstairs for working from.

This meant, I needed to have a little change around. First things first, I had a huge clear out, we’re talking bin bags full of old out of date make up and old primark bangles that I had lying around. Then I swapped round the furniture, as well as being a more productive work space, I wanted to make my room a better space to film in. So I moved my huge and soon I discovered, rather heavy Malm dresser to the other side of the room, this freed up space on the other side leaving plenty of space for my lights and tripod. I also left a little area where I could leave my tripod and lights up, you see it usually takes me a good twenty minutes, to set everything up so this will make things a bit speedier when it comes to filming.

Once I’d moved everything around and things were looking a bit clearer, it was time for the fun part, the accessories. I’d never really made the most of my desk before so after browsing Pinterest for hours for inspiration, I settled on a white, gold and pink theme. Very Kate Spade. Or so I hoped anyway. I bought a gold round plate from H&M home, and then a gold vase to hold some pink artificial flowers in, where I can’t remember are from, I’d say Ikea at a guess. I have my lamp that I bought in a  Next sale about four years ago, I will replace this at some point for a more gold lamp, but I didn’t see it as a necessity right now.

Next my favourite parts, I wanted a print of an inspirational quote, and decided what would be more fitting than a ‘What Would Blair Waldorf Do?’ print? I got this from Wishb0ne Prints from Etsy and it arrived within a couple of days. I then popped it in this white frame from The Range that I had. Then I wanted to add some more inspiration so had some Polaroid’s printed. I will be doing a separate post on these cause they excite me that damn much. But for now I’ll say they’re from Huggle Up.

Of course what blogging room inspired by Pinterest & Tumblr wouldn’t be complete without fairy lights? I have two sets from The Range and Ikea which I strategically placed around my print and photos. I also have a wire heart notice board which is from Sass & Belle, which holds concert tickets, photos, and wristbands, I guess more of a memory board.

My windowsill just holds candles and more flowers, oh and a Harry Styles cut out. Totally normal. I also have all my stationary where I jot down lists and what not. My pink Blair Waldorf notebook is from Chroma Stationary and my diary is from Marks & Spencer. I then have my Acer tablet which I use for browsing Twitter and Tumblr.

My Malm dresser, then has all my make up in and hair care, but on top I have my jewellery housed in a  Victoria’s Secret bag, yes I know I am such a girl, with some books and you guessed it more fake flowers.

I feel a lot happier with my blogging room now, I feel it’s a more calm and productive space, I feel there’s less clutter, and I’m really happy with how it all worked out. I didn’t even spend too much on the little revamp, probably about £25 max? Which I don’t think is too bad at all. I am excited to now have a proper space to film and write blogs and hopefully this means I’ll be creating better content for you all 🙂 so tell me what’s your favourite way to revamp a room and where do you like to buy home ware stuff from? I love finding new places to buy interiors from!