Life Lessons Blair Waldorf Taught Us

I have always been a huge fan of Gossip Girl. Ever since it aired in 2007 when I was 16, I was obsessed with the show up until it’s finale in 2012. I fell in love with the characters, the setting of NYC and the fashion. My favourite character had to be Blair Waldorf. I loved her sassy personality and thought she always provided humour yet wisdom in every episode and well that headband collection was definitely something that dreams were made of to my sixteen year old self. Even though GG finished two years ago, I still often find myself referring to Blair. I have in fact, quite a few ‘What Would Blair Waldorf’ items in my home, you know just as a reminder, so when things get tough, I think what would she do and it makes me feel a little better. I know she is a fictional character, but shh.. after watching some episodes the other day, I thought why do I love Blair so much? I then remembered why, and here we have the life lessons that Miss Waldorf taught us.

1. She was right about shopping and happiness. Sometimes retail therapy can make you feel better when you’re feeling sad/down/generally poo. 

2. It’s okay to not be okay. And it’s okay to realise this and tell someone. You shouldn’t have to pretend or act. 

3. That even the most popular, pretty, perfect, people have struggles with fitting in. Don’t think that everyone is happy and feels they belong. 

4. To always fight for what you want and to never give up. 

5. To not give in easy to boys, no matter how much you like them. 

6. To know that boys should treat you right, you deserve to be with someone who thinks the world of you. Don’t settle for any less. 

7. To take risks in life and to not wait for fate/destiny. If you want something to happen, go make it happen. Life’s too short to wait around for chances. 

8.  To seize every day, sometimes shun that early night, and wake up early. After all do we really ever remember the nights where we got a good full nights sleep? But y’know afternoon naps are fine now and then too. 

9. That sometimes you won’t agree with everything your best friend does/says. 

10. But you will always be there for them no matter what you have gone through together.

11. She was the queen of the sass face. 

12. That tights are not trousers. And that includes leggings too. COVER YOUR CROTCH. 

13. To not let people dull your sparkle. If you have negative people in your life pulling you down, cut them out. 

14. To remain positive, even when you think the world is against you. 

15. But ultimately that all that is truly important in life, isn’t money, or materialistic things,  it’s happiness. 

I salute you Blair Waldorf.