MAC Velvet Teddy

Me wearing Velvet Teddy. Thank your lucky stars that I didn’t include a picture of me doing a ‘Kylie’ pose. 

I have made no secret of my obsession with Kylie Jenner. It still fascinates me how she’s 17. I was wearing very orange fake tan, pale Barry M lipstick and denim skirts when I was 17, not looking like how she does. Anyways, Kylie is causing a bit of a stir because of those lips. We’ve all gone a bit crazy for the 90’s style nude lip colour and well it’s not just because of KJ obviously, but she sure has helped. Word on the street was that she uses MAC Velvet Teddy, and as soon as this information was released, the lipstick sold out. For months on end. Every single MAC counter or shop, I visited, I’d ask with aspirated breath ‘ do you have Velvet Teddy lipstick?’ To always be returned with a ‘no sorry, we’ve been sold out for months.’ And that my friends is the Kylie Jenner effect.

However plot twist. In December, I had a dream that I was in Spain (random) and I spotted Kylie Jenner on the street. I ran out to her (as you do) and asked what lipstick she used. She muttered some MAC colour, and I couldn’t quite work out what she said. I didn’t want to seem rude so I did that British thing of saying ‘oh cool really.’ I then ran to MAC to search through all the lipsticks to try and find the one that sounded the nearest to her mumblings. When I woke up, I first of all thought ‘what a bloody strange dream Corrie, you need to get out more’ and then I had this hankering to see if Velvet Teddy was in stock. Low and behold, it was back in stock on the MAC website. I mean am I mystic meg or what? Does this mean, all my dreams will come true? Who knows. All I’m saying is the other day I dreamt I was at a party with One Direction, a telling of times to come? I hope so.

Okay back to the lipstick review. So Velvet Teddy is pink toned nude matte lipstick with a slight brown hint to it. This lipstick holds the definition of ‘your lips but better’. It lasts pretty well on the lips thanks to the matte finish, and is really the perfect nude lipstick. It’s great for winter, as it doesn’t have any peachy tones in it. It may be a little dark on paler skin tones, I prefer it on me when I’m more tanned rather than my pale days. I usually line my lips first with a  nude lipliner such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk or Rimmel’s East End Snob and then fill in Velvet Teddy. To get the Jenner look, obviously paired with killer contouring and lots of lashes.

I would say, you probably don’t need this lipstick in your collection, as there are many similar nudes out there. One that comes to mind is Soap & Glory’s Supernude which I already have in my collection, but being the KJ enthusiast that I am, and then after my dream, I decided I needed Velvet Teddy in my life. So there we have it, I now feel pretty happy with my KJ nude lipstick collection. I think for now for mainly my bank balances sake, that I will remain happy with what lipsticks and liners I’ve got, and try to always remember to not over line my lips so much that I resemble Miranda Sings, rather than Kylie.