My Hair Tips and Tricks

So today we round up a very hairy week on my blog. I’ve blogged about all my favourite hair tools and how I use them. Today, I have run out of hair tools, so instead I will be blogging about some hair tricks and tips that I use all the time that hopefully you may find helpful 🙂 I think after this week, we need to have a break from all things hair for a while haha. 

How To Make Your Hair Last: 

I get a lot of questions on how to make your hair last. Especially when it comes to using rollers, and I won’t lie in the fact that some days, my hair doesn’t last. It will literally be curly for 20 minutes and then go flat. However some other days, it’ll last all day! So I thought I’d share the ways that I use to try and make my hair last as long as possible.

  • Use a hair primer: I use Living Proof’s prime style extender to keep my hair style in place. This is a hair primer and gets your hair ready for styling and long lasting wear. The company Living Proof is co owned by Jennifer Aniston (fangirl) and I have to say that when I use this, my hair lasts so much longer than when I don’t use it. It even works on freshly washed hair, as before I’d style my hair and it wouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes, however when I use this primer, it usually lasts the majority of the day. This means I have pretty much gotten over my hair wash fear… well kind of 😉 
  • That being said, dirty hair always lasts longer when it comes to styling for me. Kind of rank but it’s true. To give your hair more texture, I tend to use texturising sprays to add an almost ‘roughness’ to the hair, and sometimes I will spray a little hair spray onto my hair before I style it to help hold the style. 
  • Hairspray wise, my favourite is Wella Silverkin which is super cheap and yes it does smell like a granny and is a little sticky. But it’s so cheap and it’s the only hairspray that helps to keep my hair in place all day. 

How To Get Big Hair: 

I like big hair and flat hair is definitely a pet hate of mine. However getting your hair big can be quite difficult! So these are some tips that I use on how to add volume to my hair! 

  • Getting volume into your hair can be quite difficult. I find that using dry shampoo always adds uplift to my roots and it stays in place too. 
  • I find that I only backcomb when I need to, I use a thin comb and brush backwards on the roots. However I find backcombing quite damaging on my hair so i try to not to do it too often. 
  • Using heated rollers always helps to create volume and bounciness to my hair that I struggle to achieve with other hair tools. 

How To Grow Your Hair Long: 

So many of you ask how do i grow my hair so long? Truthfully, I avoid the hairdressers a lot! Haha and also I was born with basically a full head of hair, so I’m guess I’m kind of lucky that I have the hairy gene. Secretly I am a teen wolf. joking. not really. 

  • Getting your hair trimmed is obviously essential, but make sure you have a hairdresser who you trust and will literally only take off the ends so that you aren’t going round in circles when it comes to growing your hair. 
  • Keep your hair in tip top condition. So I use a shed load of conditioner on my hair and always concentrate on the ends as this where the most damage can occur. I also use once weekly hair masks to condition my hair. 
  • Ditch the heat! I try to have at least every other day as a heat free day for my hair. I also use heat protector on my hair and ditch the hair straighteners which can be the most damaging for your hair in my opinion. I do braids, or topknots to keep my hair looking interesting on the heat free days.
  • Be patent! It’s not going to happen over night, buy keeping your hair healthy and well conditioned means it will happen quicker in the long run. 

So there we have some of my top hair tips! I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts 🙂 let me know your favourite hair tips and tricks in the comments below 🙂