My Tumblr Wall

As I mentioned last week, I recently had a little revamp of my blogging room. The part I was most excited about was my Tumblr wall. I wanted more inspiring photos in my room to look at whilst I was working away, and thought of printing out Polaroids to put on my wall. I know how Tumblr of me. I got a selection of different things printed out, from favourite tumblr posts such as peonies, motivational quotes and then my favourite photos of my family and friends.

I got 44 petite Polaroids from Huggle Up, after having some difficulties with the post, these did take a little while to arrive unfortunately. I was starting to get very impatient as I was excited the minute I ordered these for them to arrive. However once they did arrive, I got them up straight away. I basically just blu tac’d them to the wall and then then put some fairy lights around them to make them a bit jazzier and more of a statement feature in my room. I had quite a few left over so rather than just throw them in a drawer, I put them up by my window and my mirror where I get dressed in the morning. Just a little something to look at whilst I feel like a zombie haha.

I’m really pleased with my tumblr wall and feel like it will really inspire me. But now I want one in every room, haha too far? I think I’ll definitely order new prints regularly to update it and to keep motivated by it. What’s your favourite ways to stay motivated?