Beauty Blogger Memories

2015 marks my fifth year of blogging. I can’t quite believe it’s been that long, but time clearly flies when you’re having fun! Over the past five years, a lot has happened and of course blogging has hugely changed since then. I sometimes I think about funny stuff or trends which have happened over the past five years, and I do have a little giggle to myself. I thought it might be fun to reminisce about some of these memories and let me know if you remember them too!

Hands up, if Lollipop26 was the first beauty blog you ever read.. I read Laura’s blog (who is now known by her new blog Buy Now Blog Later) when I was at college. I remember the next day, I went out and bought Revlon Colorstay Foundation which Laura said was a dupe to a MAC foundation. I was obsessed with Laura’s blog and it inspired me to start my own.

Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish- back in the day, we didn’t have Essie in the UK. For some reason all beauty bloggers went crazy for Mint Candy Apple. A light minty green, which we all fell head over heels for. I succumbed to the hype and ended up ordering it off eBay from an American seller. I have to say it was worth the hype and is still one of my favourite colours.

Mini Egg Nail Polish: We also got excited at nail polish that made your nails look like mini eggs. Nails that look good enough to eat? Yes please.

Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation- Whilst we’re talking about make up hypes, who else remembers 2012 when this Jemma Kidd foundation, was on everyone’s wishlist. It was sold out for ages and then when it got discontinued, everyone went on a mad spree buying it. I still have my bottle upstairs in my collection for old times sake.

Pray For Kelly- this is one of my funniest blogger memories. Back in January 2012, Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette was released a day earlier than it should of been. Because a lot of beauty bloggers were super excited about the new palette, we got even more excited about the fact that the palette was released early on the Debenhams website. It was an error and the Debenhams Facebook beauty page went crazy. People were worried if it was genuine, and whether orders were real and what not. Whilst there was a commotion of people being confused and worried about money going out of their accounts, some randomner posted on Debenhams wall “U Ok Kelly..come online xx” and well we all just lost it. Writing about it three years later makes no sense, but we all found it hilarious and even got #PrayForKelly trending. There was also a girl who was really worried about money going out of her account and had an asthma attack, some wires got crossed and that #Prayforkelly was all about her. It wasn’t. The night still makes me laugh out loud, and I’m sure it does for many beauty bloggers.  It was definitely you had to be there moment. 

Sleek 50% off sale: Sleek used to be brand that us beauty bloggers couldn’t get enough of. Their blush ‘Rose Gold’ is one that many a beauty blogger had in their collection. Sleek had a 50% online sale back in 2010 and the website crashed. I remember it was worth the wait though, and as soon as it arrived, I took a picture of the haul on my duvet. What else?

Being obsessed with nude lipsticks: usually way too light for our skin tone and more like concealer; MAC Myth, 17’s Beehive, Natural Collection Apple Blossom, Barry M 101… That above is me as an 18 year old fresher. With lipstick so pale… YOU CANT EVEN SEE MY LIPS. 

The dark fake tan years; St.Mortiz Rimmel Sunshimmer….may I say more?

How we all got so excited about the launch of Maybelline’s Baby Lips in the UK. IT WAS LIKE 

CHRISTMAS. ( I still don’t own one haha) 

When no one vlogged. WAIT WHAT? 

Cupcakes were always at every blogging event. 2011-2012- is also known as : the year of the cupcake.

Two words. DIY OMBRE. I tried this after watching many YouTube tutorials, used a home kit and tin foil. Expected my hair to turn out a caramel hue.. but instead my hair turned orange.

When we’d of sold our left leg for a Clarisonic in 2011. 

So there are just a few blogging memories I remember from back in the day. Of course there are many more, in fact I could probably sit here all day and talk about trends and things we were obsessed with. Big thank you to my blogging pals Laura and Sarah of suggesting things too for this list and let me know if you have any blogging memories from over the years.