Currently Obsessed With : Tumblr

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I was obsessed with Pinterest and it was something that I spend way too much time on! Another site that I wanted to talk about that I am obsessed with is Tumblr. The micro blogging site, is perfect for procrastination and between Tumblr and Pinterest, I don’t really get a lot of work done. My bad. Or tumblr and Pinterest’s bad. I spoke about why I love online notice board app Pinterest so much, and today I’m going to tell you why I love Tumblr and how it isn’t just for young teens.

Tumblr is where a lot of my inspiration comes from these days, I see my Tumblr blog as a place where I can reblog or upload pictures that I like. It’s usually make up looks or outfits that I like and take inspiration from, or it’s photos that i think would work for my blog. Or even travel photos that maybe one day I would like to re create. Whilst there are dark corners of Tumblr, i won’t lie, I have logged on before and seen a pretty explicit picture on my dashboard. That was a quick ‘woah there mister.’ But the majority of people I follow, re blog the same stuff as me, all black outfits, pretty flowers and inspirational quotes. So no need to worry about seeing a couple having intimate relations *ahem* when I log in.

Tumblr may seem like it’s just for young people, but I see it for everyone, it’s a great way to gain inspiration and have a place where you can add photos of what you like without having to categorise them like you do in Pinterest. Tumblr is a collection of images an inspiration that I will go through and look at from time to time and I find it almost relaxing going through pictures and just reblogging them. I get so much outfit and style inspiration on there, there really are a million ways to wear a tee and ripped jeans, I tell ya.

My favourite blogs on Tumblr at the moment are; Girlsinspo, destination daydream, From Roses, Silky Sand , evolutional, however you can see all the blogs I follow here.. and of course you can find me on Tumblr here.. If you want to find out more about what I like and inspires me, my Tumblr blog is a good way to find out more 🙂

So there we go, that is how I am spending too much of my time at the moment.. do you use Tumblr?