Eat A Lot. Sleep A Lot.

Jumper: Ebay

Jacket: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Primark

Hat: New Look (old) 

I have become a creature of comfort lately. *Is this what getting older is all about?* Anyway, I would much prefer be in some jeans and a jumper than a dress or playsuit. In fact my wardrobe is bursting at the seams with jeans and knit wear. Something I have recently been obsessed with are sweaters. Cotton jersey sweaters with a fleecy inside lining. They are the comfiest things ever, and are so easy to just throw on with some jeans, when I’m in the house, or running some errands. Cause I don’t want to teeter into granny-dom just yet, I like to find cool sweaters and this one is currently one of my faves. As you all know, I’m addicted to the likes of Tumblr and Pinterest. I saw this jumper floating on both of them and then conveniently found it on eBay. I couldn’t resist, as I feel the words spoke to me; ‘Sleep a lot, Eat a lot.’ I mean that’s basically my life motto. With it being in the sale too on eBay (who knew eBay had sales?) I couldn’t resist, and well I’ve been cosied up in it ever since.

This is quite a big jumper, I got the small, and even that is quite large on me. But it’s so cosy, and I love nothing more than throwing it on with some jeans, my denim jacket, some flats and a hat. So cosy and so warm. I think this is one of the first winters where I’ve actually dressed in warm stuff. Yay. I literally can’t get enough of it, and now I am forever looking for other cool sweaters to wear. Though to be honest, considering I can barely shut my wardrobe at the moment, maybe I should have a break from shopping 😉 What’s your favourite thing to wear on casual lazy days?