Life Lessons The Hills Taught Us

The Hills in my eyes, is one of the greatest reality TV shows ever created. Strong words? Perhaps. But growing up, The Hills was something I binged watched way before the likes of Netflix were invented. I remember one summer when I was 17, I literally sat and watched a whole season in a day. I formed the biggest girl crush on Lauren Conrad (one I still have till this day) and then did a fringe braid for the rest of the summer. Fast forward a few years, and I jump at the chance that an episode is repeated. But the likes of LC, Heidi and Audrina didn’t just teach us how to wear braids, and how to stay away from guys like SPENCER PRATT. Sorry I felt caps locks were needed there… but we were also taught many life lessons. So let’s have a look back…

Sometimes you just have to let things be. 

Make decisions based on your head and your gut. Your gut instinct is usually right, its telling you something for a reason. 

Life isn’t fair. But unfortunately it’s something we have to accept. 

As Lauren says, if you act shady, you own up to it. It’s much better than hiding and denying it. Also whenever I say shady, i always think of LC.

Break ups aren’t easy. It can take a long time before you feel whole again. 

It’s true.  Do people have a radar or something? 

Sadly sometimes your best friend won’t like your boy choices. And yes sucky is a word. 

Sometimes you think it’s best to just leave people be, but sometimes you have to reach out. 

When you’re growing up, it seems better to have as many friends as possible. However when you get older you realise it’s better to have fewer closer friends than a whole bunch of fake friends. 

 Sometimes people won’t change. Sometimes they will. 

Everything is always alright in the end. Things get worse sometimes before they get better. Keep that in mind when things get tough. 

Isn’t this the ultimate shade? When I watched this when I was 16, I desperately wanted a chance to say this to someone. I still haven’t ha. But it’s true, if someone does something to hurt you, you can forgive but also forget them too. You don’t need people like that in your life. 

Sometimes you just have to let that shit go. 

Wasn’t the Hills full of good advice? I reckon I could probably make another post, let me know if you’d like to see another Hills post soon. But for now, I am going to go watch.. you guessed it. The Hills.