Lush Valentine’s Collection

Now that we are into February, we’re  officially into the month of lurrrvvee. Yes I just typed love like that. Old Valentine’s day rears its head on the 14th, as it does every year, and the day will either make you excited or groan. Personally, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, even when in a relationship, I find it a bit of a money making scheme, and well if you love someone shouldn’t you show them everyday not just on the 14th of February? I think I’ll buy Henry a creme egg this year, whoever said romance is dead? lol.

I remember when I was younger, my Mum (and I know it was you Mum) would always post a Valentine’s day card through the letter box signed from the anonymous ? For years, I thought I had an admirer, to then realise when I was older, it was probably my Mum. Anyways, something that I find a bit more appealing than the usual boxes of chocolates and red roses in the shops is the Lush’s Valentine’s collection. They have bought out an array of pretty bath bombs, shower gels and bubble bars to keep you smelling sweet for your date, or well just to make your bath look pretty.

I was very lucky to be sent a selection of the range, and oh my days, the package even got me in the mood for Valentine’s day and I am a valentine’s grump. With an array of hearts, and pink colours, the range will excite the girliest of girls. My favourite from the collection is the Unicorn Horn, a glittery multicoloured bubble bar, which if I’m honest, would describe as a Unicorn willy. I then realised it was a horn. Confusion over. It smells amazing and has neuroil and lavender oil in it which means its perfect as a bedtime bath time treat. Honestly though, it’s a little too pretty for me to use.

Next is the gorgeous Heart Throb, a bright pink glittery bubble bar, which is literally the most amazing colour. With shea butter it’s not only moisturising but smells amazing thanks to vanilla and frangipani extract. Then we have the Floating Flower, a brightly coloured bath bomb, with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang which means it smells amazing! Then we have a soap, Cupid’s Love soap is a heart shaped soap with a citrus scent, which is amazing. It would work well in your bathroom as a hand soap or even as decoration. Next is the Prince Charming shower gel which has a sweet scent thanks to the marshmallow root and vanilla. it smells soooo good and is a dark red/pink colour. Perfect for Valentine’s. Then finally is The Kiss lip scrub, an exfoliator to make sure your lips are soft and kissable come Valentine’s day. The kiss has a sweet orange scent thanks to the Mandarin oil and not only has the usual scrub form but also edible hearts and hundreds and thousands. How cute. And of course the important question of how does it taste? Nice, very sweet, think refreshers. Yummy.

So there we have a selection of the Valentine’s gifts from Lush, you could either treat yourself, a loved one or well just to enjoy in the lead up to the 14th. I also went to Lush the other day and fell in love with the massive Love Locket bath bomb which was literally the size of a small child. I love this Lush range, I think it’s so pretty and I would definitely recommend picking one or two things up before they get taken off the shelves! 🙂