New In From Bourjois

Bourjois are definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands. I find that they always bring out new exciting launches, and they’ve got a few new products that I’m sure you will love. Today I’m talking about a new selection of their Colour Boost lipsticks* and some new eyeshadow sticks which will make applying eye colour about 17636x faster than using eyeshadow.

First of all lets start with the new Color Boost shades. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how I couldn’t get enough of the Color Boosts when they first launched in 2013. I loved Peach on The Beach and Orange Punch, in fact I think I wore them all summer and just loved them. I did find out though, that taking them in my beach bag whilst in Egypt wasn’t my wisest choice and poor Peach on The Beach melted. RIP. Anyways, something I commented on back then, was that I thought there was a lack of nude shades in the collection. There was a variety of brights, from fuchsia pinks to even a plum. But the nude girl in me (lipstick, nude lipstick, get your mind of the gutter) was craving some shades that were more suited for everyday.

Anyway, Bourjois have answered my prayers and have added three nude shades to the collection. My favourite from the selection is Proudly Naked, a peachy light nude, which I just love. Perfect for pairing with a smokey eye, and the gloss formula means it’s moisturising and not at all chalky or sticky like some nude lipsticks can be. Sweet Macchiato, is a brown toned nude and is slightly darker. Think a coffee shade, it’s warm toned, and I would imagine this would look fab on darker skin tones. However it’s slightly too dark for me to wear every day. Finally Pinking of It, is probably the least nude of the collection, as this is a fuchsia shade, but it’s more muted meaning that you could wear it everyday. It’s not a ‘hit you right in the face’ lipstick, more of a ‘here’s some colour on my lips’ Like a rosy tint to your lips if that makes sense. My favourite like i said before, is Proudly Naked. I can see myself wearing it a lot!

Now we move onto eyeshadow. Color Band* are what Color Boost are for the lips. The two in one sticks can be doubled up as eyeshadow or eyeliner. Coming in six shades, there’s a black (perfect for liner, or for creating a seriously smokey eye) a warm toned bronze brown, to lighter shades to highlight such as a peachy copper, and finally some colour, a mauve purple and a deep grey green. I have four of the shades; Noir Abstrait, Brun Dadaiste, Rose Fauviste and Mauve Baroque. The eyesticks are blendable, creamy and highly pigmented. I have found 02 Brun Dadaiste to be my favourite a warm, bronzey brown which I smudge into my upper lash line to create a smokey eye. They’re really easy to blend and last a long time on the eye too. Definitely worth a try, if you find eyeshadow takes too long in the morning!

There are also a couple more releases from Bourjois such as a new pressed powder, and eyeliners. But I’ll report back once I’ve given them a good try! Both should be available already from Boots and Superdrug. Are you looking forward to the new releases from Bourjois? Or have you already tried them? Let me know your thoughts!