New Spring Releases From Barry M

Barry M have always been one of my favourite brands. I spent many a Saturday when younger, browsing the aisles of Boots and seeing if there were any new releases to the brand. I used to boast about my Barry M collection when I was at college ( was obviously destined to be a beauty blogger) and now that I get to preview new releases does make me feel very lucky. The 17 year old inside me (and lets be honest most of the time, I act like a 17 year old) gets very excited when news of new collections get released. Spring make up releases are always amongst my favourites, and I always look forward to Barry M’s spring nail new releases. I knew there was a reason to be excited as this Spring there are some gems to hit the beauty shelves.

First of all let’s start with a new range; Speedy Nail Paint, a collection of nail polish with a new flat top brush which makes painting your nails so much easier! I love these types of brushes, and honestly was so pleased to see this had been added to the new range. The formula is also to meant to speedily dry too on your nails, the premise of the brush and the formula means a quicker experience to paint your nails. There’s 9 shades in the range and I wont lie, all of the shades are very pretty. Taking on a spring pastel theme, there’s a baby pink, to a coral, to a lilac, to a cool toned grey. The polishes are based on car racing, from the checker board lids to the names which range from Full Throttle, to Pit Stop. I did think that the polishes dried pretty quickly when I applied them, and they are quite long lasting on the nails too. With a top coat, they last a good four-five days without chipping. Well they did on me and I was seriously impressed. Definitely worth checking out and the colours are perfect for Spring! They’re £3.99 and I already spotted them in Superdrug last week, so you should be able to get your hands on them right now!

Next up is three new additions to the well known Gelly range, and the new additions are also very pretty and Springlike too. Basically Barry M have knocked it out of the park with their new nail shades. Cotton is an off white, Fondant is a lilac and Sky Blue is a baby aqua blue. All seriously pretty and all have the great formula that we love about the Gelly range.

Finally I have two new additions to the Gelly High Shine Lips range, a series of glossy lipsticks, which launched last summer. They were released in statement shades such as reds and pinks, so it’s nice to see two new shades added to the collection, one which is a nude! Orion is a brown toned nude and Sigma is a peachy coral, which is a new fave in my collection and will sure to be a staple in the summer! Both the sticks are glossy yet don’t feel sticky on the lips.

I’ve been really enjoying the new launches from Barry M, especially the new nail shades. Now that I’ve seen a little bit of sun in the mornings, there’s no stopping me painting my nails in all the pastel shades now 🙂 are you fan of Barry M? What was the first polish you ever bought from them? Mine was called Baby Pink and reminded me of pink smarties 🙂