Two Amazing Drugstore Concealers

A little while ago, I wrote about how I thought I’d found my holy grail concealer. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer was everything I had hoped it would be. Good coverage, long lasting and well creamy as the name suggests. However there was one problem. The price. At £22 a tube, it was quite pricey, and I found a tube to only last about 4 weeks without starting to run out. I couldn’t afford to replace a £22 concealer every six weeks, so I turned to the likes of Boots and Superdrug. I knew there must be other concealers out there that did a good job but without breaking the bank. Thankfully I have found two pretty good concealers, and they’re both from the same brand. Shall we find out which ones they are? Though I’ve given a bit of a plot spoiler with the picture above… okay lets move on. They’re both from Maybelline, if you hadn’t already guessed.

First of all, lets talk about The Eraser, this had quite a lot of hype recently, and this is the second tube I’ve bought of the stuff. The first, I wasn’t so sure about, but that was because of the colour. I’ve worked out that this concealer is better for under eyes than covering blemishes and spots. First of all, I find that the sponge/eraser type applicator would just be a breeding ground for bacteria if you used it on your face, and I’ve found the light shade to be perfect for highlighting under the eyes. It has a really good coverage, on good days, I need just a small amount of this to get rid of my eye bags, on bad days, I use a couple of layers. But it’s really blendable, light and has a good coverage. I find it really brightens the under eye area and doesn’t go cakey at all. I find that sometimes there is residue concealer on the tip so I tend to wipe the eraser with anti-bac wipe every time I use it, this just keeps it cleaner and it not leaking all over my make up bag. Cause I won’t lie, I am one of those people who loses lids, nothing I own has a lid on it. I think there is a goblin in my house who steals all the lids of everything.

Next is the Fit Me Concealer, something I have been using for the rest of my face. This has a pretty good coverage, is creamy and probably the closest thing to the Nars concealer that I’ve found so far. I do tend to sometimes need a couple of layers to cover big red spots (lovely) but it’s a nice concealer that blends in well and seems to have a lot in the tube too. So no worrying about running out any time soon.

I’m pretty happy with these two at the moment, I set both of them with some translucent powder and I’m good to go. I would say that The Eraser is definitely worth a try for under the eyes, as it’s the best thing I’ve used for eye bags for quite some time. So thanks Maybelline, you’ve saved me many a morning from looking like the girl from The Ring. And for that I applaud you.