You Go Glen Coco #2

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week! This week has been a busy one for me, I’ve had quite a few things to do work wise and seem to have had lots of boring errands to do such as go get Frankie food and food shopping. All exciting times right now haha. Not much has happened this week to be honest, i have totally binge watched Pretty Little Liars this week. I have been determined to get up to date with everyone else and honestly I think I have been going overboard. I’ve been lying awake at night trying to work out who A is, having nightmares that I’m being chased by A and I jumped out of my skin when a boy in an all black outfit with his hood up almost walked into me on the street. You can guess why, I thought it was A. I think I just need to finish it as I’ve got myself well and truly obsessed! But here are a few other things that have been floating my boat this week and well a rant too. Oh dear.

Favourite YouTuber Right Now: Claudia Sulewski: Although I have been obsessed with PLL, I have also been watching YouTube of course in any spare time I have had. I have majorly loved watching any vlogs from Playlist live, and well isn’t it the dream to one day attend? I wanted to just shout out Claudia from Beyond Beauty Star, as I think she is my favourite YouTuber at the moment. She’s another one of my editing inspirations and her videos are always so creative. I get so excited when she uploads, it’s probably a little bit weird, but you know when you find someones videos that you just love? Yeah that.

New YouTuber: ImogenL05 Claudia has just hit over a million subscribers so you do probably already watch her awesome videos, but I also love finding new YouTubers who are new to making videos. Imogen is someone who I’ve spoke to quite a lot on Twitter, we will regularly DM and fangirl about certain things. She’s so nice, so go subscribe, and her vlogs make me want to go to Australia even more.

Favourite Blog Post: From Roses Doing What You Love Realistically– I’ve really liked this post from Rebecca this week. It’s about how to not be disappointed that you aren’t doing your dream job right now. It’s something I went through for two years after university, I worked in retail to just get a job and pay the bills but was asked constantly when I was getting a job that was suited to my degree or asked what I wanted to do. I didn’t know the answer to any of these and constantly felt a failure cause I went to university for three years, worked really hard and then went to work in a shop which I could of done without the stress. However persistence paid off when I finally got a job in the field of my degree, which i then discovered i wasn’t so sure was the right job for me and finally realised I wanted to be a blogger full time. It takes time to realise what you want to do and just because you aren’t doing it right now mean it won’t happen ever. You have to be realistic and realise that things won’t just fall into place at the click of your fingers. A good read if you’ve been in a similar position to me.

Favourite GIF: As you guys know, I bloody love a gif. This week whilst looking for gifs for posts, I came across this superb (yes I did just use the word superb) one from Lauren Conrad. Hands up who else watched this as angsty 16 year old and wished they could say it to someone?

Rant Of The Week: Right okay, so originally when i planned these posts, I didn’t think a ‘Rant Of The Week’  would feature. But I wanted to rant and felt like this blog post was probably the most appropriate to angrily slam down on my keyboard. I saw a tweet earlier in the week about girls painting their faces like clowns and how natural is better. And I will tell you that it annoyed me. I have written in the past before about how I don’t understand why wearing make up is a bad thing and how in 2015 some people’s stigma about make up really should be resolved. I just feel that wearing either a little or a lot of make up is completely up to each person and if someone decides to contour and wear a smokey eye everyday, they are not a clown or a bad person. To some people they may perceive natural as being better but some people don’t feel happy like that. I know for sure that I don’t. In fact without make up, i feel really self conscious and yes I probably should be able to feel confidnet no matter what, but I don’t think that anyone is 100% confident all the time. We should choose what we want to wear, as life is way too short. Don’t let anyone tell you to wear less or more make up. If you feel happy than you do it and stuff what anyone else thinks. I am fed up of people making girls and boys feel bad for wearing make up. LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT SHIT.

I’m sorry rant over.

So that’s this week rolled up. I guess I will give myself a You Go Glen Coco for ranting and yeah. Hope you have all a good weekend and I’ll see you soon!