Current Favourite Home Pins

Images all taken from my Home Pinterest Board..

One way you know you’re getting older is when you suddenly get really interested in homeware. When you’re asked what you want for birthday’s and Christmas, instead of whistling off a list of handbags, shoes, jewellery (though those things are still always welcome) you think ‘hmm I would like a few new things for the house.’ Honestly at Christmas, I was hoping for a good steam mop and a new sofa. What the actual?

I guess though, that when you cut the apron strings and move into your own place, you want to make it your own and it’s exciting that you have this space to do whatever you want. You can spray paint the walls, okay well not really if you’re renting but you get my drift. I love buying new stuff for the house, and nothing gets me more excited than a new cushion, well apart from when One Direction announce a new tour. There we go, I’m still young in some ways.

Recently, I have been loving Pinterest for home inspiration, well I also hate it too, cause it makes me feel like my house is a pig sty and I do feel a bit inadequate that not everything I own is white. Ha. Just kidding. Kind of. But seriously, I love getting inspiration, and recently, I’ve been trying to add a few things here and there to our house to spruce it up a bit. Late last year, I was going through a serious phase of not loving our house, but sometimes, a change round of furniture and a couple of new odds and ends can totally transform a room. Whilst I do dream about owning my own house, with a dreamy kitchen that fits more than one person in at a time, our cosy house is fine for the time being.  Also of course I have a roof over my head, heating to keep me warm and hot water to wash with, I’m doing pretty okay.

I thought I would show you some of my current favourite pins, I’m currently in the process of almost finishing my blogging room/office and in due course, I’ll do a video/blog post about that but I’m also trying to work on our bookshelf next. We had a change round in our living room and I want to make our bookshelf more organised and less bookshelfy. Okay that makes no sense, but I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and on my list of jobs to do, along with listing clothes on EBay, is sorting out that bookshelf!

Recently, whilst I’ve been looking for new bits and bobs for the house, I’ve been trying to find stuff on a budget. I don’t want to be spending an awful lot, but have found places like H&M home, The Range, Ikea and Gifts & Pieces to have a lot of lovely things at good prices.

So I’m going to keep on looking for bookshelf inspiration, do you have any tips or have any blog posts on how to organise bookshelves and make them all pretty? I hope you get what I mean, or I’m going to just sound like a wally haha. Right so time to go now, I need to go back to day dreaming about that steam mop. (Just kidding, kind of.)

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