Driving Problems

I failed my driving test three times when I was 17. I gave up on driving and thought it just wasn’t for me. However back in late 2013, I gave it another go and passed first time. Wahoo. Obviously time made me 1. lighten up on the fake tan and 2. make me a better driver. In the time, I have been driving, I have found it both amazing and terrifying at the same time. I’m starting to get my confidence up though, and I even get sassy when people annoy me these days. I thought the other day, whilst driving, why not do a driving problems gif post? And well here’s the outcome…

First of all. How you feel when you pass your test. 

When another driver/pedestrian catches you singing out loud in the car.

I can drive. I just can’t park.

Motorways are quite possibly one the scariest things about driving .


Road Rage. You say you won’t get it. But you will.

People who drive really close behind you.

But then being stuck behind people who are doing 10mph less than the speed limit. 

When someone stands and watches you park. Can you not.

Getting the nerves whilst waiting to cross a roundabout.

Feeling sympathetic when you see a learner driver.

Pedestrians who just step out into the road without looking. REMEMBER THESE HEDGEHOGS? THEY TAUGHT US THIS FOR A REASON. 

Still saying things that you had to say in your lessons. ‘Only a fool breaks the two second rule.’

When someone is in the car with you and is telling you how to drive.

When someone in the car tries to change the music. MY CAR. MY MUSIC.

Happy Driving 🙂