Growing Up In The 00’s

Come on we all did this stuff…

Hands up if your Nokia 3310 was your most prized possession?

(It obviously wasn’t Jojo’s..) 

Okay well that was until you got a fancy flip phone which you could snap sassily after arguments. Which usually only happened with your mum, or the ones you made up. 

You were quite the talented ring tone composer on the 3310. Your mates would always be in envy how you managed to turn Busted’s Sleeping With The Light On into your ringtone. 

You worked out who you were going to marry using the very reliable flames technique. Sadly this technique did determine whether you should continue crushes on the boys in your year at school. 

All your money went on cd singles from Woolies or the £2 surprise bag from Claire’s Accessories. In which you always got Christmas earrings, but still bought every Saturday. (They still sell these but for £10!!)

You shopped at Tammy Girl and MK21 cause you were such a fashionista. 

Two words- Pedal Pushers. These were your wardrobe staple for a good two years. (Even Britney’s pals wore them..) 

You were obsessed with glitter. Glitter hairspray, glitter mascara, glitter lipgloss. You were mad for glitter and no one could stop you. You wild one, you. 

School shoe shopping on the last week of the summer holidays, always went one or two ways… either your Mum would give in and let you have cool Kickers/US Brass shoes or you had to go to Clarks. 

That being said if you got Kickers, you would walk in to school on that first day feeling invincible. 

Sugar and Bliss magazines were your bible and you believed everything in there. The problems pages were so saucy. 

Your only goal in life was to be in the audience of either CD:UK or TOTP. 

You felt like so sophisticated when you bought Impluse body spray. 

You used song lyrics for your MSN name to make you seem mysterious and cool. BTW if MSN was still around these days, we’d all have ‘Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream’ as our names. 

Spending hours on MSN and signing in and out to hopefully attract the attention of your crush. SO SNEAKY. 

That being said, when you and your crush did speak, the conversation usually went like this… 




‘nothin u?’


‘lol (usually the flashing lol emoticon)’ 




 You’d then message your friend ‘ he asked me wuu2, what does that mean?’ Before your mum made you sign off cause she needed to use the phone… 

Ah don’t you miss the simple life of growing up in the 00s? 🙂