Home Office Tour

Well home office aka… our box room which is too small to fit a bed for a spare room…room. Back when we moved into this house a couple of years ago, we decided that the box room would become my blogging/dressing room. A place where I could escape to blog, and get dressed in the morning without waking up Henry. However, for the first twelve months, even after buying a desk and what not, my room was used just as somewhere to do my make up. Not much blogging happened at all in said room.

Then I started working from home, which meant that having a room that you can close on the rest of the house is very important, I have been known to sit not being able to work due to thinking of the washing up or hoovering that needs doing, so I knew I needed a space that I could sit and be productive in. With that, I decided that my room needed a little revamp which I have blogged about a couple of months back.

However in that time, I have added a few things here and there, and finally recorded a YouTube video taking you through everything which is down below if you’d like to watch it 🙂

But I have to say that now with my new revamp, I’ve created a space which I’m really happy with and actually work very productively in now 🙂

Also be sure to check my Instagram as I am currently running a giveaway on there to give one of you guys the chance to win two packs of Polaroid prints from Huggle Up, so you can create your own photo wall/prints/etc… that takes your fancy 🙂

What would your dream home office look like?