New Balayage Hair

If you follow me on twitter/Instagram/YouTube, you’ve probably already seen a dozen posts about my new hair colour. You’re probably thinking ‘shut up about it already.’ But today, I promise is the last post. Last week I went to London to get my hair done and decided that with the spring sunshine in the air, it was time to go a little lighter. I’ve been wanting to go lighter with my hair for years, I tried to do a DIY Ombre job back in 2011 when everyone was using that L’oreal home kit with tin foil. Yes it sounds horrific and thankfully I was only brave enough to do a couple of inches in my hair. You couldn’t tell really and it went a god awful colour which I cut out, well a hairdresser cut out a few months later.

The next chapter in my hair story, was last year when I went for a dip dye effect again. This time my hair didn’t lift very much but I was still happy with the natural sun kissed look although once in the sun my hair lightened up, I felt it was too much of a warm tone and a few months later, I grabbed a box of dark brown hair dye and went back to the dark side.

Then we’re up to date, with my Pinterest hair board full of highlighted/balyage haired beauties, I thought I’d give this light hair thing one last try. Then if it didn’t work out, that was that. However i am so pleased that I did give it one last go, as I finally have the hair colour that I have been so desperate for and now I think i may have caught the light hair bug. Oh dear. Next week, I’ll look like Kim Kardashian. Ah just joking.

I visited Hare & Bone, which is a salon in Central London. Just a five minute walk from Oxford Circus,  and newly opened being just three months old. The owner Sam Burnett is well known in the hairdressing industry, he is a big session stylist and is the UK ambassador for KMS hair products. He’s also the hairdresser of Charli XCX who I absolutely love, so I may have fangirled over that.

The salon isn’t huge but it’s really chic. It has a monochrome design, and with a small but friendly team, everyone there couldn’t do enough to make sure I felt welcome. I also saw it with every other client in the salon which was bustling all day long, * I was in there a long time*. So let’s get onto what I had done.

So I showed several pictures from my Hair Pinterest board, which mainly consisted of Shay Mitchell and Bethany Mota. I asked for a half head of balyage, which is a form of painting the hair free hand so highlights are more natural and sunkissed, and decided I wanted the tone to be cooler. Rebecca who is Art Director at the salon and I discussed what I wanted to go for. She put on a cooler darker brown gloss on the roots of my hair, and then with painted on the bleach and lighter colour on the ends and mid lengths of my hair. The whole process of applying took a good 45 minutes and it was then left on for a further 45 minutes. I was then taken to the sink to have it rinsed out and then Rebecca ombred the ends of my hair to make them lighter. Then she put on a cool toned toner to my hair and left it for 10 minutes.

Then it was time for the cut. I do have a bit of a fear of getting my hair cut. I’ve had experiences where  I’ve been left with an almost mullet *oh being 13 was a good look for me* and had hairdressers get a bit snip happy before. However Esther who is a Master Stylist, totally listened to what I wanted. I wanted to keep the length but knew it probably needed a good inch off due to not having it cut in a good six months. She took off as much as she said and then gave me a few long layers and a bit of shape around my face. I felt totally relaxed with her and wasn’t worrying what my hair would look like at the end.

To style, Esther blow dried my hair and then curled using a Babyliss Pro Curling Tong, and then she simply brushed it out for vintage lived in waves. You could totally re create this at home, curl your hair quite tightly and then brush it out once.

I left the salon so happy with my hair. I had the colour I never thought I’d be able to achieve and my hair felt healthy and in good shape again. I’ll totally be revisiting back in the summer, as I felt that Rebecca and Esther really did a good job and actually listened to what I wanted. I’m super happy with my new hair and it’s nice to have a change ready for Spring/Summer!

Are you changing up your hair for Spring/Summer?

*Disclaimer: I did receive this hair treatment for free in return for a blog review. However I would of totally paid for the service as I am so happy with my hair and will definitely be returning 🙂