The Life Changing Beauty Product.

I moust-ache you a question. * I really hope this translated as well though writing as it does when speaking..* Today I’m talking about moustaches. A bit of a random one? Yes. But something you may not know about me, and well I have kept it hidden, is that for years, I have suffered with something called ‘moustache fear.’ Okay, so that technically isn’t a certified term, in fact I have totally just made it up, but hear me out when I say it’s a real thing.

Let’s take things back to the start, I was 12, in secondary school and you’re at the age where puberty is hitting *yes I finally have boobs… boo to periods* and it’s that awkward stage where you start to like boys and actually start caring about your appearance. Back at that age, I didn’t have the best sense of humour, and I seemed to be sensitive all the damn time. So when a boy in my Chemistry class * and yes i still remember which boy and i will always hate him a little bit for saying this* turns around and says ‘Corrie did you know you have a moustache?’

Cue panic. Cue going home and staring into the mirror for three hours and wailing ‘why did no one tell me?’ My mum bought me some Jolene bleach and that was what I used every four weeks to bleach the little blighter for 11 years. But I always felt the bleach never did that good a job, it also used to smell awful and I’d be itching to take it off within 5 minutes. Sometimes, I was like maybe I just need to accept that I’ll look like this.

 The thing is, maybe no one else noticed, but it was something I was paranoid about and too scared to look at other hair removal techniques in the worry of how painful it would be. Yes I am a wimp.

Then I was reading Poppy’s blog, who completely sold to me the Veet Face Wax Strips. Her post was so convincing that the next time I was in town, I picked up a pack. I did buy the sensitive skin version, just in case I ended up ripping off my lip. I decided that I needed to stop having moustache fear and get on with my life, tache worry free. I mean I am an independent grown up woman, I steam cook broccoli and floss my teeth, I need to do this.

The strips were £5.99, however right now you can pick them up for £3.33. Bargain. There are 20 strips and you need one strip for each side, depending on how fast your face hair grows, if you used these every four weeks they’d last you a fair few months, and for just £5.99, that’s pretty darn good when you’d expect to pay £10+ for a upper top lip wax in a salon each time. The strips are super easy to use, you warm them up in your hands for a minute or so, apply to your top lip and pull off in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Now lets talk about the thing were all thinking.. the pain? The one thing that has always put me off waxing, how much would it hurt? However honestly? This was a piece of cake. Yes it wasn’t like a massage, or a tickle. But it wasn’t a big deal, it was over in a second and then stung for probably a max of five minutes afterwards.

I was left hair free on my lip and suddenly my moustache fear was gone. Years of thinking…’ are they looking at my tache?’ ‘Do I have a tache?’ All gone. I was super happy and kind of annoyed at myself for not trying them earlier. I guess this waxing story, is a lesson learnt, that sometimes things may seem scary or painful but in reality they’re not that bad at all and the outcome is always worth bearing a little pain for. Hey who’d of thought that I could manage to add a life lesson into a post about wax strips for your face? Full of surprises eh?

So there we have it, my new must have, and something has helped to boost my confidence. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to epilate my legs, but for now we will stick at waxing.