Triangl Swimwear

 Hello my name is Corrie and I have an obsession with bikini’s. Yep I’m not even joking. Something which gets me more excited than anything is when new swimwear drops into the shops. I should of said swims into shops, but I didn’t think that made much sense. I don’t even know why I like bikinis so much, when to be honest most of the time, I dread about getting into one and spend every day in the gym in the hope I’ll miraculously turn into a Victoria’s Secret model (never happens.) Triangl swimwear have been causing a bit of a stir online for the past 18 months or so, with many a blogger, and celebrity sporting their colourful sets on beaches across the world. Last year, I had a aqua blue two piece which came with me to Orlando. Perfect for water parks I tell ya. This year, I have a new addition, and well as I write this the wind is blowing a gale, and the clouds are darker than the ones you see in moody landscape shots on Tumblr. So right now summer seems a long way off, but this bikini keeps me hopeful for sunnier days.

The two piece consists of neoprene material, think wetsuit material, which is sturdy and strong. But not the most flexible. The style I have is the Poppy in Peach Soda*. The top is a bra like fit, with attachable straps. Personally I prefer strapless bikinis, as then you get no tan lines. The top is structured though and you needn’t worry about it falling down whilst swimming/sunbathing/playing water polo. Yes that latter scenario may seem weird, but I tell you, in 2011 I was playing Water Polo in Crete and my bikini top fell down and I’m sure some fellow holiday makers caught a sight of my cherry bakewells, I tell you.

I love the contrast of the neon pink and orange, and I have a feeling, well I know that this will really compliment a tan. I just wanted to blog about it, as this bikini makes me so excited for summer. Yes the bikini’s are quite pricey, but if you’re a bikini enthusiast like myself… well I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as I do. Size wise, I find that the tops are pretty close to my normal size, so I tend to go for my normal size, but for the bottoms, I would at least go up a size or two, as the neoprene can be quite tight, there are measurements online so see what you measure up. I went for a Small for the top and a medium for the bottoms.

Check them out on Instagram and I’m also dying to get the bikini that my current girl crush Shay Mitchell was snapped wearing recently. So for now whilst the clouds are still gloomy, I’m working hard in the gym so that when summer comes, I feel confident in my new bikini 🙂 so tell me are you a bikini enthusiast? I hope that someone else shares my bikini excitement haha.

*After writing this post, I worked out the conversion rates and realised the swimwear is quite pricey. I felt like quite bad as I do try to blog about more budget items on here. I was sent this bikini but I would honestly go out and buy Triangl bikinis myself, as I love them and being the bikini addict that I am. I worked out that for the average bikini which is $79 that works out to be £54 which is obviously quite pricey, and then the standard international shipping rate of $20 which is £12.95 it can be quite pricey for a bikini. But obviously, I know that not everyone can afford that for a bikini, so I have found a couple of dupes on the high street if you didn’t want to spend as much… Bikini 1, Bikini 2, Bikini 3. I hope that’s helped in some way 🙂 but there’s lots of dupes on the high street at the moment! 🙂