Ways To Spend Your Weekend

We’ve all been there, Sunday night looms around and you’re suddenly thinking ‘just what have I done with my weekend?’ You feel a thief has come and stolen it away from you, and you just can’t work out why you don’t feel like you’ve had the past two days off. Other times, it feels like the weekend lasted for ages, and you’re ready for Monday. There really seems to be no in-between, but to me, weekends will never be long enough *petition for three day weekends?*

I always feel best when I’ve had a productive yet restful weekend, usually Saturday is my ‘get shit done day’ and Sunday is my ‘I’m going to stay in my pjs for as long as possible day’ and usually it’s a pretty successful weekend routine for me. These are just some things that I like to do on the weekend and hopefully will provide some inspiration for you this weekend if you’re unsure what to do:

  • Spring Clean: Yes totally boring, but usually during the week, I do let house work slide. On Saturday, I tend to have a full house clean. That means washing up, hoovering (even the skirting boards) mopping, wiping windows..etc… It’s amazing how much better it can make me feel having a lovely tidy and clean house. 
  • Fresh Sheets; I will tell you now that nothing feels better than hopping into bed on the weekend into fresh sheets and realising you don’t need to set an alarm for the next day. Add some rain outside and you’ve got yourself the best feeling ever. It may seem a bore to change your sheets on a Saturday night, so do it when you get up on Saturday morning, seriously it’s a game changer. 
  • Have a Clear Out: During the week, I’ll obviously tidy and clean, but I tend to leave those big jobs such as clear outs for the weekend. I tend to clear out my wardrobe, throw out old beauty products, have a change round in rooms and it makes me feel so much better. 
  • Blog! One of my favourite things to do at the weekend is blog. Of course now it’s my job, sometimes I like to take a step back, but sometimes on the weekend, I’ll sit with some music and just let myself type. At the weekends, I feel more relaxed so sometimes posts come easier when there’s less pressure. 
  • Watch YouTube: Usually over the week, my YouTube subscription box gets neglected. At the weekends, I love nothing more than putting on Apple Tv and watching everything that’s been uploaded that week. 
  • Pamper: Sometimes, I have a pamper day, that means painting my nails, tanning, having a bath, face mask, etc…for the week ahead. It makes you feel ready to tackle Monday. 
  • Have a Duvet Day: Sometimes all you need is a lazy day. If you’ve had a hard week, let yourself have a lazy day. Grab the duvet, get all the snacks and watch film after film or episode after episode all day. Don’t feel bad for having lazy days. 
  • Work Out! Okay totally boring, but sometimes, working out makes me feel better and more productive. I tend to not eat as healthy over the weekend *cries it’s the weekend!* so sometimes I’ll go to the gym on a Saturday morning, which is usually when it’s most quiet and even just a 45 minute workout means I won’t feel as guilty if we have a sneaky takeaway that night. 
  • Walk: Having a dog means that I actually have to go outside every day. I take Frankie on a walk, and getting outside makes me feel better and always clears my head. However on a sunny Sunday, it can be like Clapham Junction in the park, so it isn’t always the most stress free situation, but find somewhere quiet and well you’ll have a lovely time. 

What’s your favourite thing to do at the weekend?