Beauty Blogger Problems #2

I’ve been blogging for almost five years which is a bit crazy! The reason why I started blogging is cause I’ve always loved make up, so I thought it might be fun to create a GIF post with some blogger problems, and some beauty addict problems thrown in too for good measure! You were all so nice about my first blogger problems post, so i thought it was time to maybe do a part two and well put your hands up if you’re a fellow beauty addict/blogger and have experienced any of these 🙂

When you’re in Boots and hear a customer ask an assistant for help. The assistant gives the customer a useless answer and you have to stop yourself swooping in like a make up wonder woman.

(Obviously I am not saying that all assistants are useless, it’s just when you overhear someone who isn’t as interested in make up as we are) 

When you’re asking about new products at a high end make up counter, and whoever is selling the product tells you something wrong about the product. You know it’s wrong from the research you’ve done online, so you just stand there thinking…’ erm no.’

You can turn anything into a instagram opportunity, your Greggs sausage roll, bowling shoes, household bleach. The possibilities are endless.

No one will ever know how much joy a sunny day can bring to a blogger. Good lighting for photos alert.

When someone asks you what a ‘blog’ is and you realise you don’t actually know.

When someone asks you for make up advice, your day is genuinely made.

Thinking you’ve made it when your instagram picture gets all the likes. 

When a agency asks you to do a post on their brand for nothing but you’ll get good traffic. Please…traffic don’t pay my rent.

Taking 453 outfit pictures and only one turning out alright.

Seeing it as perfectly acceptable to ask a stranger what nail polish/foundation/lipstick they’re wearing.

When you tag or put in the description of an Instagram picture where things are from, yet people still comment ‘where is this from?’

When you have a good make up/hair day.. ‘Quick take a picture for my blog.’

Spending so long in Boots/Superdrug, security start to zone in on you as they think you might be shoplifting. Yes I am just really interested in lipstick!

I could go on and on… what’s your beauty blogger/addict problems?