Beauty Products To Make You Look Awake.

I do not like waking up. In fact sleeping is one of my favourite past times. Can we call sleeping a past time? Okay well I am from now on. I remember when I was little, I said to my Mum ‘one of my favourite parts of the day is being in bed and going to sleep.’ My Mum was like ‘shouldn’t it be the time you spend with your family?’ and I was like ‘Nah.. I love sleeping.’ The funny thing is that when I was really little, I hated sleeping, I’d do anything I could to stay awake and was a nightmare at bedtime. These days though, getting into bed early is the perfect night for me #granny.

However the one bit I do not like is waking up. I am not a morning person, I’m one of those people who snoozes their alarm and will literally have to drag my bum out of bed. If I’ve had a good nights sleep, I’m fine but if I haven’t… Ooh I am not to be crossed with. As well as feeling like Satan, I look pretty rubbish too, but there’s a few products that I turn to when I need to look bright eyed and bushy tailed. I then let coffee do the rest of the hard work for me.

Eye Drops: if you don’t have eye drops in your collection, you need to get some right now. Yes right this minute. I couldn’t live without eye drops, yes slightly dramatic but the truth. When I’m tired and to be honest in everyday life, my eyes become red, and sore. I can look a bit like a zombie, and also like I’ve been crying for the past four years, obviously, don’t particularly want to look like either of those things so I apply some eye drops. My favourites are the Eyedew Sparkling Eye Drops which helps to brighten your eyes, they get rid of bloodshot-ness, they awaken your eyes, they’re cooling, they just help to wake you up. They’re my lifesaver and I am never without a bottle.

Benefit Puff Off*: Puffy, dark eyes are the total giveaway for a bad nights sleep, or maybe a ‘hey look at me, I was out till 4:30 am last night!’ I’ve been using Benefit’s new product Puff Off which is an eye gel which helps to de puff eyes and brighten the area. I always notice that I look less tired when I use this and the applicator which is shaped like an iron from a Monopoly board feels cooling on the eyes. I’m pretty impressed with this and I always use less concealer when using this products.

Conceal and then conceal again: Obviously concealer is a number one priority for making your eyes look awake, and my current favourite is the Maybelline Instant Rewind Age concealer, it’s super light so it’s really highlighting and the coverage is really good, meaning that your eyes are left bright and dark circle free. This is my third tube of the stuff and both myself and my eyes are very thankful for it. I’ve also been using YSL Touche Eclat again lately which also highlights dark areas to make them brighter and give the illusion of being more awake.

So now that you look more awake, you have to stay awake. I’m afraid, I’m no good with that one. But have some coffee, a good breakfast and listen to some kick ass music, and you’ll be ready for the day. and it won’t be long till you’re back in that bed.